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Thinking of going ‘No Bull’?

Before you make the decision, here are some key points to consider as well as tips on how to get the best results.

Discover if going "No Bull" is suitable for you

AB - Premier Sires

Increase your herd’s genetic value with Premier Sires®

Save time and money when you mate your herd with New Zealand’s top bulls.

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Our 2018 strategy refresh

We’ve completed a refresh of our business strategy. It’s an innovation-led growth strategy for LIC, with an ongoing focus on the core New Zealand Dairy industry.

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Mycoplasma bovis

Protecting the national herd from Mycoplasma bovis

We are taking all measures possible to protect the national herd from Mycoplasma bovis and continue to comply with all MPI directives.

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Reduce your heavy workload with Automation technology

Make drafting your herd easier with our state-of-the-art Automation products.

Understand your herd better with LIC Automation

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Increase the value of your herd with regular testing

Lift your herd’s productivity and value by accurately identifying how it's performing.

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Animal health & DNA testing

Keep your cows healthy with animal health testing

Take advantage of the latest DNA technology and our animal testing services to keep your cows healthy, productive and protected.

Maintain your herd health

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