Sexed Semen

Achieve an average of 90% gender accuracy with sexed semen.

The use of female sexed semen enables farmers to generate more heifer replacements from their best-performing animals. Meanwhile, farmers are free to generate more non-replacement animals from poorer performing animals, with potential to tap into the beef market.

We contract Sexing Technologies to sex-sort our top dairy and beef sires. Sexing Technologies uses state-of-the-art equipment and specialty media to ensure the best possible chances of conception.

Sexed Semen Video

LIC semen Lab

Sexed semen provides farmers with an option to get more heifer replacements from their best cows.

Fresh Sexed Semen

We advocate the use of fresh sexed semen through our Premier Sires sexed semen teams as it delivers near-normal non return rates (NRR) – within 5 percent of our conventional Premier Sires products.

View our Liquid Premier Sires Sexed Semen teams.

Frozen Sexed Semen

If you want to be more selective with sexed semen, we have a selection of individual bulls available for female sexed semen and also a selection of male beef sexed semen.

We offer a number of breeds for male beef sexed semen including Hereford and Speckle Park. Quantities are limited, so please contact your Agri Manager to place your order.

Frozen sexed semen on average has a 13.3% lower non-return rate (NRR)* compared to conventional semen straws.

Sexed Semen pricing


Price per straw

Product Fresh

Product Premier Sires Team (female sexed semen)
• Holstein Friesian
• Jersey
• KiwiCross®

Price per straw $56.00

Product Frozen

Product Female sexed semen
• Holstein Friesian
• Jersey
• KiwiCross®
• Ayrshire

Price per straw $56.00

Product Male beef sexed semen
• Short gestation Hereford
• Short gestation Angus
• Polled Belgian Blue
• Polled Hereford

Price per straw $30.90

Product • Polled Speckle Park

Price per straw $36.25

Product • Polled Profit Maker®
• Polled Simmental

Price per straw $28.20

Technician fees below apply for each product unless doing DIY insemination.

Sexed Semen Technican Service Pricing

LIC Technician fee per insemination

$6.85 exc GST

All products are subject to availability.

*This figure is taken from an LIC trial. Details of the study can be found here.

**Please note, all frozen products must be chosen as individual straws from the Genetics Catalogue.