AB - Premier Sires

Increase your herd’s genetic value with Premier Sires®

Save time and money when you mate your herd with New Zealand’s top bulls.

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Landing - Alpha

Breed for success with Alpha™

Hand-pick highly ranked sires that meet your breeding criteria.

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Satellite above earth large Space

Measure your pasture cover from SPACE™

Get pasture measurements sent directly to you with the SPACE™ (Satellite Pasture and Cover Evaluation) service from LIC.

Get detailed pasture measurements with SPACE™

Mycoplasma bovis

Our risk management of Mycoplasma bovis

Given the ongoing situation with the Mycoplasma bovis cattle disease in New Zealand, we want to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in LIC services on your farm.

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Protrack drafter in action

Reduce your heavy workload with Automation technology

Make drafting your herd easier with our state-of-the-art Automation products.

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Herd Tester Loading Van

Increase the value of your herd with regular testing

Lift your herd’s productivity and value by accurately identifying how it's performing.

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Animal health & DNA testing

Keep your cows healthy with animal health testing

Take advantage of the latest DNA technology and our animal testing services to keep your cows healthy, productive and protected.

Maintain your herd health

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