The LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules (“Service Rules”) have been amended, with the amendments taking effect from 14 September 2023 (“Effective Date”). A copy of the amended Service Rules can be downloaded from the link below.

Download a copy of the current LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules.

The amendments were published on this website on 16 August 2023 as a Notification in accordance with clause 90(b) of the Rules Amendments Procedure detailed in the then current Service Rules.

LIC Group customers who do not accept the amended Service Rules and wish to cancel any orders for Products and/or Services must do so in writing prior to the Effective Date in accordance with the process in clauses 90(c) to (e) of the current Service Rules.

By way of a summary, the following are some of the amendments we have made that will come into effect from the Effective Date:

  • updated the Service Rules to reflect the changes made to the Constitution in 2021. As a result, we have made various amendments to the Service Rules to ensure the Service Rules reflect the changes in the Constitution. For example, amending references to the Shareholders Council and changes based on the changes made to the Constitution during the 2021 season.
  • deleted clause 21 of Part B to remove the Personal Property Securities clauses as we do not in general register security interests over our shareholders.
  • deleted clause 32 of Part B to remove the Dairy Company Deduction clauses as these are no longer applicable.
  • deleted clause 46 of Part B to reflect that any change in herd ownership would require a Form 1 (New Customer Application) to be signed.
  • deleted clause 76 of Part B as that clause related to farm automation products sold by LIC Automation Limited which are no longer sold by the LIC Group.
  • deleted references to facsimile notices in clause 91 (now clause 90 in the amended Service Rules as notified), therefore sending notices by facsimile will no longer be an accepted method of communication. This is in line with common business practices.
  • amended our variation procedure by removing Pre-Season and During Season Notifications, so that there is only now one notification process we will follow.