Angus are known for finely marbled meat, where the fat is dispersed evenly against the actual cut of meat. The marbling trait of Angus typically creates a tenderer, juicy flavourful meat compared to some other beef breeds.

LIC have for many years been working with Rissington Cattle Company for the supply of our Angus semen, which is selected for known traits that can make a real difference in cow herd profitability. 

The Angus herd has been in the Rissington family since 1936.  Since the mid 1990’s the herd has rapidly accelerated the genetic gain through utilising the best available sires globally through artificial insemination and embryo transfer, more recently utilising TVR, (Trans-Vaginal Recovery) IVP (In-Vitro Production ) combined with sexing technologies.   

All animals are recorded on Breedplan and on the Leachman multibreed database of over one million animals, this analysis allows comparison between animals and herds accurately which enables delivery of more profitable commercial cattle.

Rissington herd was the first Angus herd in NZ to be fully genotyped enhancing the accuracy of information. 

A number of the Rissington Cattle Company Angus sires have performed at the top of the Beef+Lamb NZ Progeny test scheme against the best Angus bulls from USA, Australia & NZ. 

Rissington C200 was ranked the No.1 sire overall in the Beef and Lamb Dairy Beef Progeny Test cohort 1.

Rissington Cattle Company Angus advantages/features include:

  • Homozygous polled
  • Low birthweights
  • Short gestation – Angus average length of 280 days
  • Calving ease
  • High quality, high yielding carcasses
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Fertility
  • Moderate maturity patterns

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718115 Rissington 160083

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721305 Rissington 190275

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