15 April 2021

Watch: Local Visits 2021

Thank you to all the shareholders who joined us at a Local Visit earlier this year.

We had some great discussions about the opportunities and challenges on-farm, and how LIC can help. We also talked about our refined strategy, herd improvement, governance and MINDA.

If you were unable to attend a Local Visit, watch these videos to see what you missed.

1. Welcome and LIC strategy, with Murray King

Murray King Local Visits

Murray (Board Chair) welcomes shareholders and explains why LIC has refined its strategy

2. LIC strategy, with Wayne McNee

Wayne McNee Local Visits

Wayne (Chief Executive) talks about what the refined strategy means for shareholders, what will be different, and the commitments we are making.

3. Governance of LIC, with Ben Dickie

Ben Dickie Local Visits

Ben (Board Director) talks about the representation and governance changes that shareholders approved in 2020.

4. Future of MINDA, with Andrea Black

Andrea Black and Janine Andrews Local Visits.png

Andrea (Chief Information Officer) leads a presentation about what we’ve been working on in MINDA and how farmer feedback shapes what we do next. Janine Andrews (Head of MINDA Product) also joined the discussion.

5. Next Generation Herd Improvement, Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson Greg Hamill Local Visits.png

Mike Wilson (Head of Marketing and Products) talks about the new (and old) technology, tests and data now available and the exciting opportunities they present to make greater gains in productivity, profitability and efficiency. Greg Hamill (Genetics Business Manager) also joins the discussion.

Unlocking the value of herd Improvement, Malcolm

Malcolm Ellis Local Visits

Malcolm (GM NZ Markets) talks about the efficiency of cow performance with a regional flavor. This presentation was filmed in the Waikato but the regional stats were tailored to each Local Visit and these are available to download below.

Unlocking the value of herd improvement – regional statistics:

Download the stats and presentation specific to your local region.

North Island

South Island