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NZAEL economic update this weekend
14 Feb 2017

This weekend, 18 & 19 February, New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd is revising the economic-weights associated with breeding values (all eight of which contribute to an overall Breeding Worth calculation).

The main points to consider are:

  • LIC MINDA Reports: Reports compared prior- and post- the AE run will be imprecise because of the changes to economic weightings. Users of the indexes are advised to take note of the dates associated with all MINDA reports.
  • The protein component of milk value falls (due to a lower average payout over the past five years).
  • Overall, the effect on LIC bulls is slight (plus or minus 10 BW points):
  • Specifically, of the bulls born after the year 2000, and with a Breeding Worth reliability of greater than 75%, the majority of BWs will shift by no more than plus or minus $10.
  • Overall, the effect on the Holstein-Friesian and KiwiCross breeds is that BWs may drop by a few points, while Jersey bulls/cows will increase:
  • Specifically, Friesians are most affected, with an average shift of (-) $7.3 across bulls born after 2000, with a BW reliability of greater than 75%. Crossbred, Ayrshire, and Jersey bulls have shifts of (-) $2.8, (+) $2.6 and (+) $3.4, respectively.
  • On average, herd BWs will decrease by about $4 (Friesian herds will decrease most).
  • For more information and to view the new economic values for each breeding value, see the DairyNZ website

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