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LIC announces new General Manager NZ Markets
15 Dec 2016

Malcolm Ellis,  General Manager NZ Markets

Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited is pleased to announce it has appointed Malcolm Ellis as General Manager NZ Markets, effective from Monday, 19 December.

The NZ Markets group provides solutions to farmers that are relevant today and for the future, and that leave value on-farm.

For the past two months, Malcolm has been the Acting Manager NZ Markets and before this he was the Jersey and Short Gestation Bull Acquisition Manager for five years.

Chief Executive Wayne McNee said it was a pleasure to confirm his appointment to the role.

“Malcolm brings significant expertise at a senior level across all aspects of LIC’s business. He is a dairy farmer himself and has a practical knowledge of farming, as well as business acumen. His passion for herd improvement and farm system profitability give him a unique and deep understanding of farmers’ perspectives and the solutions that contribute to improving farmers’ prosperity and productivity.”

In his time at LIC, Malcolm has led the recovery of momentum of the Jersey breeding programme, prepared the SGL breeding programme for a 2014 launch into the fresh semen market and redesigned and relaunched LIC’s OAD Selection Index.

Malcolm holds a Massey University Diploma in Agriculture with Distinction and previously taught in the agriculture department at Waikato Polytechnic for seven years. He has also worked with NZ Rural Press.

Upon his move to LIC in 2011, Malcolm and wife Jody maintained their farming business in Pirongia.

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