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LIC FarmWise helps out after the earthquakes
25 Nov 2016

LIC FarmWise Consultant Noelle Fox has spent 5 days in Kaikoura supporting dairy farmers in the aftermath of the earthquakes that left the region isolated. 

Noelle arrived in Kaikoura on Friday afternoon, along with LIC semen for the farms that are still in the middle of AB (artificial breeding) season and don’t have bulls. 

She visited dairy farmers in the region to access their needs, discuss options on farm and has been a point of contract for local dairy farmers in the area.

Assistance for rural communities arrived in the form of food supplies for farmers organised by Federated Farmers, which were warmly received. Noelle helped compile a list of all dairy farmers in the area, with location and estimated staff numbers for the amount of food required, along with other key requirements, e.g. babies and small children. 

“Through a combination of knowledge we were able to establish the needs for each farm,” Noelle says. Some farmers collected their boxes while others had them delivered.

“The farmers were overjoyed with this and are extremely grateful to all who supplied food and goods and to those who have worked hard to make this happen. This gesture of unity from the farming community across New Zealand has lifted everyone’s spirits.”

The rural communities have had limited contact and are very grateful for the visit and support.

It is estimated that over 100 families received boxes of food and water.  

Local dairy farmers: Stephanie Hislop,
Sonseeahray Laugesenand Noelle Fox FarmWise

Teams helping to sort and package supplied received on Sunday


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