Shareholder schemes and forms

How to transfer your shares and participant code to a related party, how to surrender your co-operative control shares, and how to trade investment shares.

Transfer your shares and participant code to a related party

You can transfer your co-operative control shares, your investment shares and your LIC participant code to a related party. A related party is a person or an entity you have a relationship with. Related parties include family members. They can also include trusts, companies and partnerships.

If you change the form of your farming entity, you can transfer all your LIC shares and your participant code to the new entity. 

Related Parties Transfer Form

Surrender your co-operative control shares

You can voluntarily surrender your co-operative control shares before the end of the season if you no longer qualify to hold them. This must be approved by the Board. We’ll reimburse you for the shares using a nominated bank account

We will compulsorily redeem your shares if you no longer qualify for them at the time of the July annual registry update. We’ll reimburse you for the shares using a nominated bank account.

Co-operative Control Share Redemption Form

Use your dividends to buy investment shares

Join the Dividend Reinvestment Plan to use the dividends from your LIC shares to buy investment shares. 

Sign up to the plan through your LIC rep when you first become an LIC customer, or use the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Application Form to join the plan later. If you want to know the terms and conditions of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan read the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Offer Document.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Application Form 

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Offer Document 

Buy new investment shares every year 

Join the Voluntary Investment Scheme to buy the same number of new investment shares each year as your co-operative control share-entitlement — equivalent to 4% of your annual LIC spend. We’ll charge your LIC account for the shares in August each year and let you know how many new shares you have once they’ve been bought.

Complete the Voluntary Investment Scheme (VIS) Debit Authority Form to sign up for the scheme. For information about the rules of the scheme, see the Voluntary Investment Scheme (VIS) Rules Document. 

Voluntary Investment Scheme (VIS) Debit Authority Form

Voluntary Investment Scheme (VIS) Rules Document 

Trade investment shares 

You can trade investment shares with other qualifying shareholders in two ways:

  • through a broker
  • through a private off-market transfer.       

Use the Investment Share Transfer Form to transfer shares privately to a qualified shareholder. The buyer must hold co-operative control shares.

Investment Share Transfer Form 

More information

Call our Share Registry Team on 0800 542 742 or email for more information about how to surrender co-operative control shares and trade investment shares.