LIC Service Rules

The conditions and service rules of LIC Group, which are amended from time-to-time.

The LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules (“Service Rules”) were amended in 2020, with the majority of amendments taking effect from 22 May 2020 (“Initial Amendments”) and one further amendment from 22 January 2021 (“Further Amendment”). A copy of the current Service Rules can be downloaded from the link below.

Download a copy of the current LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules

All current and future orders for LIC Group products and services and your dealings with the LIC Group generally are now subject to the current Service Rules.

By way of brief summary, the following the Initial Amendments that came into effect from 22 May 2020. We have:

  • amended clause 23 of Part B to clarify our rights to charge customers reasonable fees for work we do for their benefit which is not specifically covered in our Pricing Catalogue.
  • amended clauses 34(b) and (c) of Part B to clarify our right to determine what information we accept and enter into the LIC Database and our rights to modify any information in the LIC Database where we consider it appropriate.
  • included a new clause 35(c) of Part B ensuring our customers confirm their authority in relation to the supply of any information to us that relates to a third party.
  • made minor amendments to clause 36(h) of Part B as it relates to our non-compliance with the current requirements of Privacy Principle 3 in the Privacy Act 1993. However, we are aware that at the time of publication there is a new Privacy Bill before the NZ Parliament that is likely to result in the need for us to make further amendments to the Services Rules to ensure our continued compliance with NZ privacy regime. These changes will be similarly notified to you and summarised at the relevant time.
  • included additional wording in clause 37(c)(ii) of Part B clarifying the restrictions on the use of our MINDA information otherwise than as we direct.
  • updated clause 61 of Part B to clarify our rights to deal with and dispose of semen, embryos and storage banks we hold on behalf of customers where we consider it appropriate.
  • incorporated a new clause 69(e) of Part B confirming our right to refuse to adjust animal records in the LIC Database based on our assessment of any information received.

By way of a further brief summary, the following is the Further Amendment that came into effect from 22 January 2021:

  • We have included new clauses 36(d) and (e) of Part B to clarify our ability to collect information from, and send information to, other parties who maintain animal information databases. This may include DairyNZ in relation to the Dairy Industry Good Animal Database (DIGAD) or other herd recording service providers such as CRV, particularly where animals are transferred between different herds or where customers switch herd recording service providers.