LIC Service Rules

The conditions and service rules of LIC Group, which are amended from time-to-time.

The conditions and service rules of LIC Group outline what you are bound to as someone who has bought, received, or come into possession of our products and services.

The LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules (‘Service Rules’) have been amended with effect from 20 March 2019.  A copy of the current Service Rules can be downloaded from the link below.

Download a copy of the LIC Group Conditions and Service Rules

All current and future orders for LIC Group products and services, and your dealings with the LIC Group generally, are now subject to the current Service Rules.

By way of brief summary, the following are some of the amendments that came into effect on 20 March 2019:

  • We have generally updated the wording throughout the Service Rules to contemplate the purchase of some products and services being purchased by customers through the LIC Webshop;
  • We have included new clauses 5(a) to (e) of Part B confirming our customers’ obligations in relation to the authorisation of third parties to order and purchase products and services on their behalf;
  • We have included new clauses 45(a)(iii) and 51(a) confirming our customers’ obligations to provide appropriate facilities for our Herd Testing and AB staff when providing services on farm;
  • We have confirmed in clause 56 that our Sexed Semen customers will be charged for every straw that is dispatched;
  • The process for membership in our Sire Proving Scheme has undergone a restructure and is now noted in clause 60;
  • We have introduced a new condition in clause 63(c) in relation to the single use for AI purposes of our Sexed Semen straws; and
  • We have updated clause 77 in relation to the provision of our FarmWise® service.