Early aged pregnancy test results give you more detailed information for your herd reproduction reports, so you can accurately assess your herd's reproduction performance.  Herd reproduction reports need a high percentage of cows to have an early aged results. To get early aged pregnancy test results, cows must be scanned between 35 and 122 days of pregnancy (5 to 17 weeks).  

Depending on your mating length, you may need to do more than one round of pregnancy testing to get early aged results for your whole herd.

Best practice is to scan cows between 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy - if you mate for more than 11 weeks, it is recommended that you do at least two rounds of pregnancy testing.  

  • 1st scan (12 to 14 weeks after mating start date) 
    To ensure that cows that got pregnant in the first 6 weeks of mating will have early aged results.  
  • 2nd scan (at least 42 days after the end of mating) 
    To age cows that got pregnant in the later part of mating.

This calculator will show you when you need to scan to get early aged results.  Get in touch with your pregnancy testing provide to discuss and book in your pregnancy testing dates.