Information about elections for LIC Board, Shareholder Council & Shareholder Honoraria Committee Representatives.

This is an important time of year for LIC shareholders, when you have the opportunity to nominate candidates to stand for election to the LIC Board, Shareholder Council and Shareholder Honoraria Committee. 

Nomination forms and Candidate Handbooks are available on request from the Returning Officer, Melanie Tonkin (07 856 0679 melanie.tonkin@lic.co.nz).

Or call the LIC Share Registry Office 0800 542 742 for assistance. 

All nominations close at 4pm Thursday 21st March 2019 (extended from 18th March 2019).

Download the LIC Elections 2019 information flyer or read the contents below.

The Returning Officer calls for nominations for all positions as outlined below. All nominations close at 4pm Thursday 21st March 2019 (extended from 18th March 2019). Nomination forms and Candidate Handbooks are available on request from:

The Returning Officer
Livestock Improvement Corporation
Private Bag 3016
Hamilton 3240
Phone: 07 856 0679
Email: melanie.tonkin@lic.co.nz
Or phone the LIC Share Registry 0800 542 742 for assistance.

1. Directors are elected on a regional basis for a four-year term by qualifying shareholders, based on one vote for each LIC share held.  Shareholders in the Northern Region have the opportunity to vote for their Director representative in 2019.

The current Director in the Northern Region, Murray Jagger, is required to retire by rotation on the 31 May 2019. After serving 19 years on the LIC Board, Murray Jagger has chosen not to seek re-election. 

Role of LIC Directors:

Directors have a governance role within LIC.  Directors have all the powers necessary to manage, direct and supervise the management, business and affairs of the Company, except to the extent where the Constitution or the Companies Act expressly requires those powers to be exercised by the Shareholders or by any other person.

Qualifying shareholders within the Northern Region are invited to submit a nomination for a position on the LIC Board.

2. LIC Shareholder Councillors are elected for a four-year term by qualifying LIC shareholders within their respective wards, based on one vote per participant code.  The current Councillors representing the six wards within the Southern Region are required to retire by rotation on 31 May 2019. They are:

  • Ward 16: Tasman / Marlborough (Fraser Macbeth);
  • Ward 17: West Coast (Nathan Keoghan);
  • Ward 18: Canterbury (Simon Clisby);
  • Ward 19: South Canterbury / North Otago (Bruce Murphy);
  • Ward 20: Otago / North Southland (Mark Shore); and
  • Ward 21: Southland (John Dowdle).

Fraser Macbeth (Ward 16) and Simon Clisby (Ward 18) have chosen not to seek re-election.

Nathan Keoghan (Ward 17), Bruce Murphy (Ward 19), Mark Shore (Ward 20) and John Dowdle (Ward 21), being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.

Role of LIC Shareholder Councillors

Shareholder Councillors are representatives of Shareholders and require a general knowledge of the dairy industry and LIC operations.  The primary functions of the Shareholder Council include approving the Company’s mission statement and Key Strategic Objectives, reviewing the Board’s progress towards achieving the Key Strategic Objectives of the Company, and receiving and commenting on reports on the Company’s key business unit operations. 

Qualifying shareholders within the above respective wards are invited to submit a nomination for the position of Shareholder Council Representative. 

3. LIC Shareholder Honoraria Committee Members are elected on a two-year rotational basis by all qualifying LIC shareholders.  Paul Todd and Ian Brown are required to retire by rotation on 31 May 2019 and being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.

The Honoraria Committee currently consists of David Gasquoine (Matamata); Paul Todd (Marlborough), Scott Montgomerie (Auckland) and Ian Brown (Tokoroa).

LIC Honoraria Committee

LIC’s Constitution requires members on the Honoraria Committee to annually consider and recommend the remuneration for Directors and Shareholder Councillors. Shareholders consider and vote on the Committee’s recommendations at the Company’s Annual Meeting.

All qualifying LIC shareholders are invited to submit a nomination for a position on the LIC Shareholder Honoraria Committee.

LIC Board Director and Shareholder Council

Qualification criteria for elected Board Directors and Shareholder Councillors are outlined in the LIC Constitution (available on www.lic.co.nz).   Each must be a Shareholder, a dairy farmer, a current user of at least one of the Company’s herd testing options and must submit a minimum of 60% of their herd for artificial breeding to semen marketed by LIC.  

No person can be elected or appointed or hold office as a Director and a Shareholder Councillor concurrently.

LIC Honoraria Committee

A member of the Honoraria Committee must be a Shareholder but shall not be a Director, Shareholder Councillor or permanent employee of LIC.  Each member of the Honoraria Committee shall hold office for a two-year period.

Introducing a Director Candidate Assessment Process

The LIC Board is introducing a candidate assessment process for LIC Directors and has appointed Propero Consulting to undertake an independent assessment of each candidate. The assessment process is not compulsory, meaning that candidates can elect whether to go through the candidate assessment process or not. Where candidates have agreed to participate in the assessment process, the results of Propero’s assessment will be included in the voting papers sent to shareholders to consider as part of the information provided to assist you with voting for your Director representatives.

This assessment process will, for the first time, be available to Director candidates in the Northern Region.

Propero Consulting is a highly-regarded organisation which specialises in governance services, including director candidate assessment processes.  Further information about the assessment process may be found in the Candidate Handbook, which is available from the Returning Officer as outlined above.

These changes do not affect candidates nominated for Shareholder Council or Shareholder Honoraria Committee roles.

All candidates must be nominated and seconded in writing by LIC Shareholders. In the case of candidates to be a Director or Shareholder Councillor, the nominator and seconder must be from the Region or Ward (as appropriate) where nominations are called. Nomination papers must be signed by the nominator, seconder and by the candidate.