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LIC’s SPACE™ service is designed to help you make those all-important pasture management decisions in a quicker and more convenient way.

But honestly, it’s so much more than that!

The SPACE™ service is your toolkit providing you with what you need to save time and labour, optimise what you have on farm, simplify those pasture management decisions and achieve greater visibility of how your paddocks perform.

The tools available to you include:

  • an easy to interpret SPACE™ report
  • analysis and insights of each paddock’s pasture cover through Cropwise Imagery
  • Pasture Vibe’s modelled pasture cover estimates to ‘fill in the gaps’
  • integration with MINDA® Land and Feed.

The SPACE™ Service Offering

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What can the SPACE™ service offer you?

The SPACE™ service can simplify your pasture management and provide powerful insights to guide your operational and strategic decisions about your pasture.

Features & Benefits of SPACE

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what farmers are saying

Jair 12

“What really attracted me to LIC SPACE™ is not having to chase staff to do farm walks, especially during calving time and spring when staff are under a lot of pressure and pasture cover information is critical.”

George, Dairy Farmer

“The saving on time and labour (via farm walks or driving a pasture meter around the farm) are among the most significant benefits of SPACE™, but it’s the efficiencies gained in accurate paddock selection and better pasture utilisation where the biggest financial gains are occurring.”

Warric, Dairy Farmer

“It’s very useful to see if there's any spots on the farm that are growing better than expected, or that should be grazed next. I've had fewer instances of underfeeding animals as well as breaks of mud in my paddocks.”

Anton, Drystock Farmer

“The simplicity of the SPACE™ reports and how the information is presented makes for easy decision-making.”

Mark, Dairy Farmer

You will receive reports that provide pasture cover data and analysis for your farm derived from satellite imagery and pasture growth modelling.

Satellite images are used to calculate paddock pasture cover when clear images of your farm are taken by passing satellites. These images are analysed to estimate average pasture cover (kgDM/ha) based on the standard New Zealand ryegrass/clover blend. Your SPACE™ reports will be sent to you within 72 hours of the images being captured.

Alongside your SPACE™ reports, Cropwise Imagery provides you with access to high resolution satellite images of your farm wherever you may be. It allows you to monitor and analyse pasture cover and vegetation health across your farm and to help you get the most out of your pasture.

Pasture Vibe brings you consistency by “filling in the gaps” with modelled estimates to populate your SPACE™ reports on days where satellites cannot get a usable image due to poor atmospheric conditions or satellite pathing. You can choose how often you want these estimated pasture covers sent to you since your latest viable satellite-based report, ranging from every three to ten days. Modelled estimates are also used in satellite-based reports to estimate readings for paddocks where the dry matter exceeds the accurate estimation range of the satellite. In these instances, satellite data and estimated pasture covers are both integrated within the same report.

Pasture Vibe is a mathematical model that calculates pasture growth using the latest satellite data captured, along with recent paddock growth behaviour and localised environmental conditions and soil characteristics provided by NIWA’s Virtual Climate Network Stations (VCNS). Find out more about Pasture Vibe here.

DairyNZ considers good pasture management a key part of dairy farm profitability. Pasture growth forecasts will help farmers make better decisions on supplementary feeding, grazing rotations, silage making and nitrogen management. Funded by New Zealand dairy farmers through DairyNZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries through the Primary Growth Partnership.

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SPACE™ Prices

The SPACE™ service is an annual subscription, which is charged monthly. The price you pay is based on farm size (ha) and includes access to the complete SPACE™ service toolkit, including reports, Cropwise Imagery and Pasture Vibe.

Farm size (ha)

Price (per annum) +gst

Farm size (ha) 0-50

Price (per annum) +gst $1235

Farm size (ha) 51-80

Price (per annum) +gst $1810

Farm size (ha) 81-100

Price (per annum) +gst $2400

Farm size (ha) 101-150

Price (per annum) +gst $2700

Farm size (ha) 151-200

Price (per annum) +gst $2990

Farm size (ha) 201-300

Price (per annum) +gst $3280

Farm size (ha) 301-400

Price (per annum) +gst $3580

Farm size (ha) 401+

Price (per annum) +gst $3580 + $5/ha

The SPACE™ service is subject to LIC’s Service Rules. A copy of the Service Rules can be found here. Please note these are subject to change so please check this link regularly for an updated version.

Pricing effective 1 June 2024.

All prices exclude GST.

We’re here to help.

If you want to find out more about the SPACE™ service, or would like support with your current subscription, please get in touch with us.

P: 0800 772 234
E:  [email protected]

The LIC pasture evaluation service, SPACE™, assists you to estimate the amount of dry matter on the mapped paddocks on your farm. LIC will use its best endeavours to ensure that the results in SPACE™ reports are as accurate as possible.

The SPACE™ service relies on information from sources, some of which are not controlled by LIC, and clear images of your farm. Availability of clear images is affected by weather conditions and satellite positioning. LIC makes no representation as to how frequently you will receive a SPACE™ report as this is subject to the satellite capturing a clear image of your farm.

The calculations in SPACE™ reports are based on standard farm pasture grasses grown in standard farm conditions. Uncommon grasses or non-grass vegetation, shadowing or localised geographical conditions may affect the dry matter calculation. The SPACE™ service is supplied to you subject to the LIC Service Rules.