Get pasture measurements sent directly to you with the SPACE™ (Satellite Pasture and Cover Evaluation) service from LIC.

Good pasture management is vital to maximising your farm’s productivity and profitability, but current measurement tools aren’t always adequate. They can be time-consuming and results can vary depending on who’s doing the measuring.

That’s why we’ve created SPACE™ service – a New Zealand first for pasture measurement. You get detailed pasture data, from images taken by satellites, emailed directly to you. So you don’t have to do the hard yards.

  • Time saving – measure your pasture without walking the farm
  • Convenient – get pasture data emailed directly to you
  • Objective – carry out measurements using one, repeatable method
  • Integrated – upload pasture data automatically to MINDA Land & Feed

How the SPACE™ service works

Satellites currently pass over New Zealand daily. Once you’re signed up to the SPACE™ service, we will start receiving images of your farm from the satellites. When the weather and satellite positioning allows a clear image of your farm to be taken, it is analysed, and a detailed pasture data report will be sent to you the next day. 

It’s a game-changer for pasture management, utilising an algorithm developed by LIC scientists to estimate pasture cover for New Zealand farmers.

The SPACE™ report includes:

  • an image of your farm which presents pasture cover variation by colour, showing differences across the farm and within each paddock;
  • an image of your farm showing any areas covered by shadow and cloud;
  • a detailed feed wedge; and
  • the latest paddock ranking and estimated dry matter per hectare (kgDM/ha) for each.

Check to see if SPACE™ is available in your area.


Satellite above earth large Space

One giant leap for pasture management.

As with most pasture measurement systems, limitations based on weather conditions are to be expected.

Although our satellites pass over New Zealand daily, we will only send you a report if the satellite captures a clear image of your farm so we have usable information about your pasture. 

As weather conditions (including cloud and haze) and satellite positioning can restrict the satellite’s ability to get a clear image, the frequency of your reports will vary. Every time the satellite captures a clear image of your farm, you will receive a report the next day.

FarmWise have reviewed the SPACE™ service and endorse the use of it to obtain pasture measurement data.  FarmWise are specialists in helping you optimise pasture and farm resources.

If you would like to discuss how to use the measurement data to achieve pasture optimisation talk with a FarmWise Consultant. 

SPACE™ Prices

The SPACE™ service is an annual subscription which is charged monthly and calculated on farm size.

Farm size (ha)

Price (per annum) +gst

Farm size (ha) 0-50

Price (per annum) +gst $1000

Farm size (ha) 51-80

Price (per annum) +gst $1500

Farm size (ha) 81-100

Price (per annum) +gst $2000

Farm size (ha) 101-150

Price (per annum) +gst $2250

Farm size (ha) 151-200

Price (per annum) +gst $2500

Farm size (ha) 201-300

Price (per annum) +gst $2750

Farm size (ha) 301-400

Price (per annum) +gst $3000

Farm size (ha) 401+

Price (per annum) +gst $3000 + $1.00/ha

The LIC pasture evaluation service, SPACE™, assists you to estimate the amount of dry matter on the mapped paddocks on your farm.  LIC will use its best endeavours to ensure that the results in SPACE™ reports are as accurate as possible.  The SPACE™ service relies on information from sources, some of which are not controlled by LIC, and clear images of your farm. Availability of clear images is affected by weather conditions and satellite positioning.  LIC makes no representation as to how frequently you will receive a SPACE™ report as this is subject to the satellite capturing a clear image of your farm. The calculations in SPACE™ reports are based on standard farm pasture grasses grown in standard farm conditions.  Uncommon grasses or non-grass vegetation, shadowing or localised geographical conditions may affect the dry matter calculation.  The SPACE™ service is supplied to you subject to the LIC Service Rules.

Questions about the SPACE service? Call us today.

P:  0800 772 234

Check to see if SPACE™ is available in your area.

When you first sign up to SPACE™ you get a free trial period so you can assess the benefits of the product without being charged.

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Check to see if SPACE™ is available in your area.

When you first sign up to SPACE™ you get a free trial period so you can assess the benefits of the product without being charged.

Check now