What we’re working on

Keep up to date with new features and developments we’ve made to MINDA and what else is in the pipeline.

We’re committed to continuing to improve the MINDA online experience and are always keen to hear feedback from customers about how we could do this.

Our tech team works in 10-weekly development cycles, where they plan, prioritise and develop new features and improvements.

What we're working on currently:

Updating NAIT recording events to make compliance easier.

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    We’re making updates to various areas of NAIT recording (Calving, NAIT movement, Removal, Assign EID and Purchase) within MINDA LIVE and the app. 
  • These updates will make it clearer what NAIT events are being generated and ensure parity between the NAIT and MINDA databases can be achieved if movements are not recorded initially through MINDA. 
  • We’re going to increase the frequency of NAIT data uploads, so this will run throughout the day not just overnight.

Release timing: Release timing: scheduled for Feb 2020.

Giving you more control of recorded events from the app

  • We’re bringing the ‘Mobile Pen’ to the app, the equivalent of the Holding Pen from MINDA LIVE.
  • You’ll be able to view, approve and delete events from the app, allowing you to easily update your MINDA records from your mobile device.

Release timing: scheduled for Mar 2020.

New digital sign on to save you time

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  • Used for all areas that require MINDA credentials e.g. LIC Shop, Agrigate and MINDA LIVE.
  • Once you’re signed into one, you’ll automatically be signed in when you access another.

Timing: scheduled for early 2020.

Please note, release timing may change. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest developments and additions to MINDA. 

What we've done:

  • We’ve made changes to the Pregnancy Diagnosis to allow you to record if a cow is in calf with multiple foetuses.

Date released: Feb 2020.

  • We've made changes to the calving section so that any temporary tag information recorded can be seen by anyone with access to that MINDA account.
  • If someone is away from farm, you can now access temporary tag info to finish the calving record.

Date released: Feb 2020.

  • Create and use checklists in the app – helpful for drafting or end of season herd reads.
  • Includes sharing of checklists across multiple devices.
Date released: Jan 2020

  • If Birth ID is chosen as the ID type, the ‘year’ section will be automatically populated with the birth year to save you time when entering liveweights for youngstock.
  • Previous weight recorded for an animal will also be shown, giving you more information on hand to make an informed decision.
Date released: Jan 2020

  • We’ve extended the MINDA LIVE timeout to 6 hours.

Date released: Jan 2020

  • These updates allow you to enter all relevant NAIT information related to the event.

Date released: Dec 2019.

  • We’ve upgraded MINDA’s event processing system so events can be processed faster through the holding pen.
  • We’ve already seen some promising results– before this work each event was taking on average 10 mins to process, recent events are showing an average processing time of just over 4mins.