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Keep up to date with new features and developments we’ve made to MINDA and what else is in the pipeline.

LIC has a two-year MINDA Improvement Roadmap through to 2022. It’s been created with the seasonal needs of our farmers in mind and encompasses the proposed technology changes we intend making to keep improving the MINDA experience. We welcome questions and feedback on our MINDA journey through our contact us channels and invite you to join us - MINDA LIVE account setup.

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MINDA Roadmap October 2020

September 2020

Notes and comments (MINDA app)

Giving you more freedom to record information that matters to you against an animal.

This addition to the MINDA app will allow you to record and view notes or comments you would like to record to your animals, in the Lookup section. These notes and comments will be shared across the devices of people you’ve given view access to your herd, who are also using the app, so everyone on farm is seeing the same information when looking up an animal.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest developments and additions to MINDA and join us on the MINDA Improvement Journey.

October 2020

More animal attributes to group and report on

Giving you more information to manage your herd, based on data important to you, helping you make informed decisions.

We’ve had requests to give you the ability to be able to group your mobs of animals on more data and see more information that you’re recording, such as foetal count.

Adding these extra fields into MINDA LIVE will give you a richer information set to be able to make more informed decisions for your herd.

Completion Checklist

Here’s an overview of what we have improved in our MINDA suite recently.

December 2019

  • The updating of NAIT recording events in MINDA making compliance easier and providing for the entering of all NAIT information related to an event
  • Improved event processing speeds to save time including the upgrading of MINDA’s event processing system so events can be processed faster through the holding pen. We’ve also reduced processing times from 10 minutes on average to process an event to just four minutes on average. 

January 2020

  • The creation of an animal checklist in the MINDA app enabling farmers to check off animals of interest and create checklists to help with drafting or end of season herd reads. You can also share checklists across multiple devices from the app.
  • Changes to the liveweight feature in the MINDA app designed to save time and enable farmers to input information on the go. For example if Birth ID is chosen as an ID type, the ‘year’ section will be automatically populated with the birth year saving time when entering liveweights for young stock. The previous weight recorded for an animal will also be shown enabling more informed decisions.
  • The extension of the MINDA LIVE timeout period to six hours allowing farmers to stay logged in for longer. 

February 2020

  • The ability to record multiple calf foetuses during pregnancy diagnosis in the MINDA app.
  • The ability for anyone with authorised access to a MINDA account to add temporary tag information recording for calves.

May 2020

  • We’ve updated various areas of NAIT recording (calving, NAIT movement, removal, assign EID tags and purchase) within MINDA LIVE and the app. These updates will make it clearer what NAIT events are being generated and ensure parity between the NAIT and MINDA databases can be achieved if movements are not recorded initially through MINDA. We’ve increased the frequency of NAIT data uploads to run throughout the day instead of only overnight.

June 2020

  • With the recent update to the MINDA app, we’re giving you more control of the events you’re recording in the palm of your hand. To do this we’re introducing the ‘Holding Pen’ feature used in MINDA LIVE into the MINDA app. 
  • You will see all the events recorded for your animals in your app – regardless of source, making it easy to see what events are pending approval. You’ll easily see any events that have warnings or errors on them as well, so you can quickly resolve these issues. 
  • Anyone you’ve invited with ‘view event’ permissions to your herd will be able to see pending events in the Holding Pen and anyone you’ve invited with ‘edit event’ permissions will be able to approve or delete the events.
  • If you do happen to be out on farm without any reception, the Holding Pen will be as up to date as its last synchronisation before going offline. You’ll see a message on-screen to let you know you’re offline and you’ll be able to see the events, but not approve or delete them. When you’re in either Wi-Fi or cellular reception, your Holding Pen will sync every minute to get the latest data available to make sure you’re seeing the latest information.

July 2020

  • The Removed Animals Report allows you to see a list of animals that have been removed from your herd within a specified date range, their fate and the reason for their removal. You can use this report to see any common causes which may highlight a need to change on-farm management practices or you can use it for your end of season herd reconciliations.
  • We’ve made updates to the MINDA app to allow you to use the app in dark mode. This change is required under the latest iOS standards for Apple users, which all app developers must adhere to. Without this change we would not be able to release any new updates for the MINDA app for those of you that use Apple devices. We’re also keeping across any Android requirements.
  • We’ve been working to improve the number of animals that print on your reports in MINDA LIVE and reduce the white space that you’ve seen in the past. We’re rolling out these changes to each of the reports available to print in MINDA LIVE. As these changes are released to each report, you’ll notice the footer size decrease and the number of animals that fit on each page increase. We’ve been able to get a Group Profile from 33 pages, down to 24 pages.
  • We have made a change in the way you generate your Group Profile Report. These changes will allow the Group Profile to have no default group upon selecting it to run. Previously, the Group Profile would load with the default group being Whole Herd. With this change, it will mean that you will need to select a group to see the data populate in the template. So no down time waiting to change the group you are wanting it run on.

August 2020

  • We have made changes to the way in which you can complete Heath Treatments. This change will allow you to select all of your Health Records and complete them all in one go. Previously these had to be selected one at a time. Clicking on your Heath tab will take you to all open Health Records. The “select all” function at the top behaves the same as it does in the holding pen. Multiple treatments can be completed with two clicks of the mouse.
  • We have been working to improve how you record multiple treatments for an animal (s). Both the Health Record and Dry Off Wizards will allow you to be able to record multiple treatments in one go. Clicking on the save and add treatment button will loop you back around to give another treatment within the same wizard. No need to start a new wizard all over again when you are wanting to give an animal more than one treatment.

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