LIC’s herd recording service started back in the 1980’s when farmers sent us their animal details via the post which we then used to create reports and send back to farmers. Fast forward 30 years and you can now view, enter, and report on your herd records from anywhere, anytime.

As we continue working with our farmers, we understand how important it is to continue transforming our technology and modernising our systems. Recently, we’ve started moving to the cloud meaning faster genomic analysis in our breeding programmes and unlocking new opportunities to deliver more value through MINDA. These improvements are just the beginning but alongside technology improvements, our current areas of focus are:

Making MINDA simple and easier to use

  • Improved navigation in our mobile app to help you achieve the tasks you need to quicker – June 2024
  • Self-service editing of animal events in MINDA focusing on key MINDA Events, make changes to your herd records without needing to call our Customer Experience Centre – from August 2024.

Working together with other apps and systems you use on farm

  • Working with industry partners to remove the need for double entry of data between the apps and systems your farm uses – May 2024.

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