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How is MINDA charged?

MINDA is charged using a monthly herd and per animal fee. Looking at unique animals in the herd for the month, the per animal fee is calculated daily and considers any animals moving in and out of the herd multiple times per month. Animals are only charged once per herd (using the per animal fee) but will be charged to any herds the animals have moved between.

MINDA subscription

Pricing effective 1 June 2023.

MINDA is charged monthly as a base herd fee plus a per-animal fee as follows:



MINDA Herd fee

Monthly $57.95

MINDA Per animal fee (monthly)

Monthly $0.39

All prices exclude GST.

MINDA report prices

Pricing effective 1 June 2023.

The following reports are available for MINDA customers only (unless otherwise stated). These reports are not available as part of a MINDA subscription. 

Customised reports


Three generation pedigree (3GP)


Reports for non-MINDA customers


Mating Detail Certificate (MDC) book (A4)


Paper reports ordered through LIC customer experience centre


Electronic reports ordered through LIC customer experience centre


BW reported in MINDA includes genomic information which is the most accurate estimate. If you wish to receive a report excluding genomic information please contact our Business Information Unit ([email protected])

All prices exclude GST.

What are our payment terms?

Payment terms are 20th of the following month, with our billing cycle running from the 21st to 20th. For example, if you signed up for MINDA between 21 June and 20 July, your July statement will include any animals that were in the herd during this time.