Record and access information about your animals, from anywhere with MINDA LIVE, our web-based herd management system.

All you need is an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Benefits of MINDA LIVE

With MINDA LIVE you can: 

  • record and access herd data from anywhere
  • give access to multiple users who can add, review and update data at the same time
  • view events being recorded by all your users/staff as they happen
  • assign different permission sets to various user types, such as graziers, managers and vets
  • refine decision-making about your herd and individual animals with better, faster and enhanced information
  • customise reporting.

What you can do with MINDA LIVE

Herd management is simpler and faster when using the features in MINDA LIVE.

Event Recording/Holding Pen

Get ‘one view’ of events recorded from various sources (MINDA LIVE, users with delegated authority, MINDA app, Protrack 2G). The Holding Pen lets you review event data before it’s submitted to the National Database, validate events you’ve recorded against the National Database and highlight any issues that need to be resolved.

Herd Management

View a list of animals in your herd and all data recorded for them. Create and manage groups of animals based on specific criteria, set by you. You can further analyse your herd records based on your farming system.


Select from a pre-set list of reports or create reports from scratch. Customise, save and share your herd data.


Analyse and display your herd test information as graphs rather than lines of data, making it easier to draw comparisons between tests or seasons. Compare herd averages across seasons, as well as against the averages of other herds in your region. See the effect your breeding decisions have had on your production by overlaying Fonterra payout information. 


View health treatments recorded within a specific time period and see what cows are currently receiving a health treatment plan. See the date their milk can be returned to the vat.


Analyse and display your calving, mating and pregnancy diagnosis information based on industry standards. Understand and identify areas that may need improvement such as heat detection.


Analyse the liveweight information recorded for your young stock to ensure they reach their liveweight potential. Monitor the liveweight performance of the mob or individual animals.  Achieving targets is essential to getting animals in-calf when they reach their mating age. This will get them in peak condition for calving time.

Land & Feed

Make more informed decisions about pasture and farm management. Record your pasture growth, as well as any other on farm event such as fertiliser spreading to grazing. Identify which paddocks to utilise in your feed rotation. 


View information from the Protrack 2G automation system. See what time animals came through the shed and when drafting may have occurred during the milking session.

Browser and system requirements

The following web browsers support MINDA LIVE:

  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Windows 10 Edge.

As of April 2020, Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for using MINDA LIVE. Please use one of the listed browsers above when using MINDA LIVE.

MINDA LIVE is compatible with tablets 7.9 inches and larger.

Download the MINDA app for the best smartphone experience.

MINDA prices

MINDA subscription

Pricing effective 1 June 2021.

MINDA is charged monthly as a base herd fee plus a per-animal fee as follows:



MINDA Herd fee

Monthly $57.95

MINDA Per animal fee (monthly)

Monthly $0.33

MINDA MINDApro fee (per animal)*

Monthly $0.04

The MINDApro fee (per animal) only applies to months in which the herd is synchronised (at least once in the billing period).

MINDA report prices

Pricing effective 1 June 2021.

The following reports are available for MINDA customers only (unless otherwise stated). These reports are not available as part of a MINDA subscription. 

Customised reports

$69 each

Three generation pedigree (3GP)


Reports for non-MINDA customers

$69 each

Mating Detail Certificate (MDC) book (A4)


Paper reports ordered through LIC customer experience centre

$69 each

Electronic reports ordered through LIC customer experience centre

$36 each

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Web-based herd management

Record and access herd data, from anywhere.

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minda-live logo

Web-based herd management

Record and access herd data, from anywhere.

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