Milking times to work in with herd testing

If your herd switches to a variable milking regime (3in2 or 10in7), be sure to let us know. If required, it is best to tweak your milking times to fit in with your herd test as we aren’t able to setup and deliver a herd test around some milking times. Setup and pickup windows are outlined below:

For AM testing: Samples and equipment need to be ready for pickup by midday.

For PM testing: Setup by LIC needs to be completed by 2pm.

If herd test staff arrive on farm to find an unadvised change and are unable to set the shed up, the test will need to be rescheduled or cancelled and a late date change or cancellation fee will be applied.

If milking 10 in 7 – change to 11 in 7 for that week

This is FarmWise consultant and flexible milking expert, Brent Boyce's, top tip on how to adjust your milking regime (once you’ve told us you’ve moved to a flexible milking regime of course!).

Regardless of whether you’re doing a double or single herd test, the easiest way to adapt your regime is to milk 3x 2AD days in a row.

That way you’re milking 2AD on the evening of the PM test and at least OAD on the morning of the AM test.

This helps you get the greatest accuracy in your herd test results and also ensures you’re not milking when the herd test technician arrives on-farm to deliver or pick up herd test gear.

Then you simply revert to your normal milking regime in the following days after the herd test.

Variable Milking Regime

Interested in hearing more? Farmwise Consultant Brent Boyce explains the practicalities of flexible milking and herd testing below.

Variable Milking with Brent Boyce


More information about implementing flexible milking can be found on the DairyNZ website.