Genomic Wealth

We’ve been investing in genomics since the 1990s with a focus on increasing the rate of genetic gain in New Zealand dairy animals.

LIC genomics is about identifying the desirable traits of a cow from its genetic code and breeding for them.

Over the past three decades, we have invested more than $78 million into genomic science and genome sequencing technology, which is generating increased productivity and health traits for dairy cows, better returns for dairy farmers and improved environmental efficiency.

Genomic selection is now a key part of our breeding scheme in conjunction with the more traditional methods of sire proving.

Confidence in the science is growing and farmers are seeing the benefits of using genomic bulls to breed more productive herds – this season (2020/21) we have completed 1.4 million genomic inseminations throughout the country, up from just under 400,000 in 2017.

Our drive to achieve better never stops. We continue to invest in genomics research & development to drive value for our farmer shareholders.

As technology evolves and our genomic dataset grows, so too does selection intensity and accuracy.

The introduction of our new genomic evaluation model has improved genomic prediction accuracy by 8% - enabling you to make faster improvements to your herd’s Breeding Worth (BW) and profitability.

Use LIC’s Genomic Sires to take your share of the genetic wealth built by shareholders for over 30 years.