DIY insemination

Learn to do your own insemination with one of our DIY inseminator training courses.

You’ll learn how to:

  • store and handle fresh and frozen semen
  • safely handle the liquid nitrogen used to keep semen frozen.

We run the courses at training centres throughout the country between February and May each year.

We also run one-day refresher courses for DIY inseminators.

Registrations open in October and close once the courses are full, on a first come, first served basis.

Your place on the course will only be confirmed once payment is received.  

DIY insemination training

DIY full course - 1 week


DIY refresher training - 1 day


We use your herd records to prepare a DIY Mating Report advising you which cow-bull matings to avoid. Your herd records must be up to date in MINDA before we can prepare a DIY Mating Report.

If you’re doing your own inseminating using Premier Sires we’ll send you a report once you’ve chosen your bull teams.

If you’re using Alpha bulls ask your LIC rep to prepare a report once you’ve finalised your bull selections. 

Contact your LIC rep for more information about DIY Mating Reports.

See Inbreeding and recessive genes for more details about how we reduce the risks of inbreeding.

This includes:

  • disposable gloves 
  • insemination wipes
  • AB lubricant
  • sheaths — clear tip and green tip
  • inseminators (stainless steel GGI)
  • tweezers
  • scissors.

Buy DIY insemination equipment

If you have your own deep freeze bank we recommend getting it test-weighed regularly to make sure it functions efficiently. We recommend annual weighing for banks more than four years old, and two-yearly weighing for those less than four years old.

Contact your LIC rep to lease a deep freeze bank, buy liquid nitrogen or arrange to get your deep freeze bank test-weighed.