Here are two outstanding young bull graduates, both of which are pulling ahead of their cohorts – enough to earn themselves a spot in LIC’s Premier Sires KiwiCross Forward Pack.

Both are also available through Alpha nominated.


A familiar prefix in Jersey circles, it’s fantastic to see the Lynbrook Stud of Steve and Nina Ireland graduate our top KiwiCross bull at a huge 245 BW.

Knight is the first of our Daredevil sons to graduate.

Daredevil unfortunately died before entering the Sire Proving Scheme (SPS), but due to his high ranking it was decided to utilise him in embryo transfer (ET) work over the most-elite cows in the country.

It’s fantastic to see this decision has paid off in spades!

BW isn’t the only factor working in Knight’s favour.

Breeder Steve Ireland has for-warned farmers to ‘widen their dairy sheds’ – because at 1.28 Knight has the highest capacity BV of all NZAEL-enrolled crossbreed bulls.

This – combined with production, body condition score, temperament, A2A2, and udders – is sure to make Knight a popular choice.

Knight is set to continue a legacy of cows that just love to milk – in fact when looking at Knight’s pedigree, the average PW of the last four generations on the maternal line come in at whooping 314 PW. Truly exceptional.

Congratulations to Steve and Nina Ireland for breeding yet another Premier Sire!

Daughter of Ramada 1515058 KAHURANGI IZABULL

Daughter of Ramada 2LIC has purchased three bulls from the Kahurangi Stud of Peter and Deb Langford, and for two out of three to make Premier Sires is nothing short of outstanding!

At 229 BW, Izabull comes from a different cow family to previous Premier Sire Kahurangi GB Topgun, and is one of our first Ramada sons to graduate.

The mating of Ramada (used as a genomic bull) over a powerful Murmur dam has given rise to a well balanced sire in Izabull – production, temperament, udders, and low SCC are a mere snapshot of some of the traits Izabull daughters exhibit.

If they’re anything like their great-great grandam, they’ll be sure to hang around.

This Gloaming SS Forever cow, born in 2000, has completed an outstanding 16 lactations and still has a BW of 196 and PW of 314. Indexes this high, on cows this age, are spread few and far between.

It all goes to show the exceptional genetics at play in this pedigree.

Well done to the Langfords for Premier Sire number 2!

With nine of the top-10, and 22 of the top-25 on the crossbreed Ranking of Active Sires list, the addition of the boys described above (as well as their peers, as more herd test data continues to be added) is almost certain to increase the already-strong position LIC has in this space.

During the coming months LIC’s bull acquisition team looks forward to tracking these new graduates.

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