What a big year for the Jersey breed!

The fat story continues and is now being translated into strong Jersey semen sales.

It’s great to see all the hard work involved in breeding these elite sires four years ago is paying off; it puts the Jersey breed in an even stronger position than a mere 12 months ago.

Let’s reflect on where we were then.

2017: LIC farmers own the top Jersey bulls on the Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list, with three of the top-five positions within the Jersey RAS list. Of the top-30 bulls on the RAS list across all breeds, 14 were Jersey bulls. 

Today: LIC Jersey sires occupy all five of the top five positions on the same RAS list and the industry delivers 16 Jersey bulls to the top-30 mix.

With more than half the bulls on the RAS list now straight Jersey, the breed is certainly punching well above its weight – particularly given the context the breed makes up just 10% of the national dairy herd.

I’m proud to showcase the two following Spring bull graduates, which are expressing themselves  early on as bulls that will deliver the goods.

Arrieta NN Degree was recognised as having huge potential as a sire-of-sons, and in the progeny outlined below he’s certainly endorsing this view.

Maternal grandam of Bonacord and Barker

315058 Bonacord AND Barker 

Barker is currently at 238. Based on this, in February 2019, his BW is likely to make him the highest-ranked new graduate across all breeds.

A pedigree that is well known in Jersey circles, this family goes back to the prestigious Cardrona stud.

The Cardrona stud is arguably among the biggest influencers on the Jersey breed over recent times, and its genetic legacy continues to deliver for Jersey breeders nationwide – but perhaps none with greater success than the Allison family from Bonacord farms in Outram (with a fine family descending from Cardona, Fjord and Bethany).

This is a family that has consistently delivered. We have now had six bulls graduate from this family averaging 226BW. Simply outstanding.

It’s no wonder that Barker is delivering when he is backed by four maternal generations averaging 220BW and 320PW.

Barker, with 94 herd tested daughters and 48 TOP daughters to date, offers exceptional production. His 30 kg fat BV (where the Jersey breed naturally delivers) is complemented by outstanding protein production. At 11 kg protein BV, Barker is up with the best of any Jersey bulls LIC is marketing today.

He also delivers solid capacity, and farmers clearly love milking his daughters.

Dam of Glenhui Degree Hoss ET

315045-Glenui Degree Hoss ET 

Hoss offers daughters with the complete package.

His Bowie dam has completed nine lactations, is classified excellent, and in 2014 was described by Malcolm Ellis as the ‘best conformation cow seen in Taranaki’. Not only does she have the looks, but she backs this up by possessing a very desirable PW of 476. Hoss, at 204 BW (215 BW 19), is set to deliver daughters which improve in every TOP trait.

For example, he offers the ever-desirable larger stature, solid capacity, great udder conformation, teat placement, and rump angle correction.

Tony and Lesley Landers of Hawera and their Glenui stud are fast-becoming a regular in the Jersey bull breeding scene.

If Hoss is the start of what’s coming, I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

LIC’s bull acquisition team will be utilising these bulls NOW to create the next generation of sons.

I encourage you to jump in and use them also. They’ll be available alongside current Premier Sires Forward Pack bulls and through Alpha nominated.

Rest assured that absolute genetic gain is being delivered from LIC to your farm.

Bring it on!

by Casey Inverarity, LIC bull acquisition manager

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