Currency is renowned for producing standout udders, fabulous conformation, and tremendous fat and protein levels in milk.

Last week, Royson MG Currency was awarded the Mahoe Trophy by Holstein Friesian New Zealand (HFNZ) for having the highest aggregate points for breeding worth, protein, fat, fertility, functional survival, and type traits.

This award affirms the successful career Currency had, and now his legacy lives on in his progeny.

Like all LIC bulls, Royson MG Currency started his artificial breeding career going through the Sire Proving Scheme (SPS). SPS is designed to identify the best of the best sires based on their daughter’s production and conformation records.

Chris Michels has participated in the SPS for many years on his family farm in Te Aroha, Waikato and has one of the first Currency daughters in his herd. “She’s a cracker. My preference is a more compact Friesian, so I particularly like her as she gives you a good, compact frame with loads of capacity.”

Michael Burmeister has participated in the Sire Proving Scheme with his 1000 cow herd for 28 years and has eight daughters from Currency. “One in particular stands out for production, last season she milked well above the herd average and that says something for a young cow in her second lactation.”

Currency has left an indelible mark with over 140,000 inseminations under his belt. He earned his spot in both the LIC Forward Pack and Daughter Proven teams showcasing his versatility and prowess.

Livestock Selection Manager Simon Worth says, “It comes as no surprise that Currency has proven to be a fabulous bull - take a look into the cow family he comes from, it is truly superb. Currency’s creation was a true team effort, with his dam resulting from the Discovery Project (a joint venture programme with HFNZ). Currency’s contribution to this industry is truly significant.”

Keeping it in the family - Currency’s Great Grandam, Royson Oman Cybil cemented the superiority of this cow family as she was awarded the Valden Cow of the Year award at the recent HFNZ Conference.

Breeders Eddie and Kath Lambert say, “We feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be awarded not only the Mahoe Trophy for our bull Currency, but also the Valden Cow of the Year award for his Great Grandam Cybil. To be recognised as being a top Holstein Friesian breeder is truly a dream come true.”

About Royson MG Currency

  • Born in 2018.
  • Sired by Maire IG Gauntlet – 113086: LIC’s Gauntlet was the previous winner of the Mahoe Trophy (2017).
  • A2A2 carrier.
  • 140,000 inseminations across two seasons as a commercial artificial breeding (AB) bull.
  • 4 sons currently used for the AB industry, 2 in LIC’s Premier Sires team.
  • Current gBW 439/92 (June 2024).
2024 Mahoe Trophy