I’m Brent Boyce (usually known as Boycie).

I'm a FarmWise consultant based in Tasman in the top of the South. I cover Nelson, Marlborough and Northern Buller. I’ve been a farm consultant for over 27 years. Before that I’ve worked for a fertilizer company, I’ve been a farm manager and farm management lecturer. I’ve worked overseas as the General Manager in a large corporate dairy farming business; and I continue to undertake International Consultancy work. I've got a B.Ag.Com. from Lincoln University and an Agricultural Science Postgraduate Diploma from Massey University. In 2016, I was awarded the Dairy NZ New Zealand Farm Consultant of the Year.

What keeps me busy outside of work?

My free time is mostly spent with family. I have two rather large teenage boys who are well over six foot four. We fish and hunt together and whenever we can we like to fire up the barbecue, South American style and have family and friends over.

What sets FarmWise apart?

One of the serious tasks these days for me as a FarmWise consultant is helping farmers navigate climate change and environmental challenges. Most farmers are well on the road to doing the good environmental stuff. My job is to actually say, well hey, here's what's happening now with compliance. Here's what's coming down the road. How do we navigate it? What are the best options for you and the farm business? If I don't have the direct skillset, I find the people who do. Often there's an issue with specific niche things that need to be done. We've got some quite serious hotspots and catchments in my area, and I have a good network of specialist people I can call on to help engage with that. How we then change or alter the farming system to take best advantage of any changes and mitigate any issues.

One of the standout points about FarmWise is that we have an excellent farm business modelling system. With our System Optimiser Programme – we can do strong farm system business analysis – both physical and financial outcome comparisons. So, if the farming business wants to alter cow numbers, buy a runoff, grow more crop, lift cow production etc – we can accurately predict what the impact of those changes will be.

Importantly, we are often the first port of call for the rural agencies when pressure situations arrive on farm. This can often be helping guide people through issues of mental health and well-being; and getting the resources necessary to assist.

Working at FarmWise, we are part of a great team – I have a very experienced group of colleagues. We’re at the forefront of making change happen on farm and it's a lot of fun. The enjoyment of being able to assist people in achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding.

So ultimately, we’re coaches. That's the fundamental part of my work. I'm not simply a farm consultant per se, I'm more of a coach. My role is to coach my clients to be the best team or the best players that they can possibly be. It's a very enjoyable process, and we have a heck of a lot of fun every day. It's all about enthusiasm, energy, commitment and drive. And that's what FarmWise brings to the kitchen table every day.


Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science, Massey University.

Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce (Farm Management and Agronomy), Lincoln University.

DairyNZ Body Condition Scoring Accreditation.

Sustainable Nutrient Management Certification, Massey University.

Member of NZIPIM

Certified BCS Assessor.

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Brent Boyce

FarmWise Consultant

Upper South Island