Brent Boyce


Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science, Massey University.

Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce (Farm Management and Agronomy), Lincoln University.

DairyNZ Body Condition Scoring Accreditation.

Sustainable Nutrient Management Certification, Massey University.

Member of NZIPIM

Certified BCS Assessor.

About Brent

One of the reasons I love my job is because of the people I meet. It’s a great privilege to be able to work with them to solve their farming problems with dignity, empathy and respect.

Sometimes this means challenging current thinking and dreaming up new ways to do things. This is a result of being a Dairy Farm Consultant for 17 years, in the Nelson/Marlborough and Buller regions. I have an innate understanding of the climate, soils, and the environment in these regions.

I can help you with:

  • maximising pasture use, with comprehensive feed budgeting and grazing programmes
  • system analysis using the FarmWise Optimiser Programme
  • day-to-day farm management advice and farm supervision
  • farm viability proposals
  • financial budgeting, targets and monitoring
  • soils and fertiliser
  • personal motivation and encouragement
  • overseas consultancy in South America.

Get in touch and join me on a journey I promise will be productive, profitable and fun.

Brent Boyce

Upper South Island