Originally from Argentina where qualified as a Vet with a Major in Dairy Production (which included economics, nutrition and many other courses).

We moved with my partner to a dairy farm in Southland in 2002 and worked our way up, pursuing a 16-year career that ended owning a 450 cows Sharemilking business.

What keeps me energised outside of work?

When I’m not consulting, I’m mountain biking. I try to ride as much as possible, I find it keeps my mind fresh. And I like to hang around the water in the summer with paddle boarding and mucking around with the family.

What does being a consultant mean to me?

Being a consultant was always an aspiration of mine since university. When the opportunity came to take a role as a Farm Consultant, I had no doubt that it was the right step.

I bring a great depth of knowledge and experience to consulting. On-farm I strive to get the basics right and add value to my clients by focusing on the top KPIs most related to profit; Pasture Harvested, Milk Production, Mating performance, Cost structure, Soil fertility, Retention of first calvers.

One of the most interesting things about being a FarmWise Consultant is the diversity of the role, every farmer has different farming philosophy. So first, I listen to understand the system they're running and what success means to them. I’m not trying to tell people how to farm, every farm system has a potential and I want to help farmers achieve it.

Having a good team behind me means that there's always someone in the team with the specific knowledge I can tap into. When I come on to a client’s farm, I have a team of 20 other consultants’ knowledge behind me.


Veterinarian, Major in Dairy Production. UNICEN (Argentina)

Nutrient Management Cert. (Massey)

Foundation training (DairyNZ)

InCalf Advisor

BCS assessor

Farming to Freedom

Emerging leaders programme

NZIPIM member

Work Experience

50/50 Sharemilker

Regional Leader (DairyNZ)

Consulting Officer


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Leo Pekar

FarmWise Consultant