What is our strategy in service of?

Building a strong sustainable co-operative, leading the world in our field and delivering outstanding value for our customers, shareholders, and industry, next year, in 5 years and for another 100 years.

Our strategy

Doing what we’re good at. Playing to our strengths.

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What is at the heart of our strategy?

Value for our Farmer Shareholders.

Drive value, innovate and deliver a positive impact for our customers and shareholders by: Focussing on helping our farmers optimise value from their livestock by enabling them to produce the most sustainable and efficient animals and the highest value product.

How will we drive value for our farmers?

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Operational Excellence

We commit to getting the basics right and delivering for you, on time, every time.

Faster Genetic Improvement

We commit to having your back when it comes to helping you meet the environmental challenges you face, in particular animal efficiency, and nitrogen and methane mitigation.

Software Reliability and Performance

We commit to being better at delivering our software to you. We renew our commitment to continuous improvement and transparency around delivery of new features

Measuring our commitments

We’ve developed targets for each commitment so we can track our progress and keep you up to date with how we’re delivering our commitments.

We're pleased to report that we've achieved the majority of our targets for the 2022/23 season. We remain focused on meeting the targets that we have not yet achieved and will continue to work towards achieving these this season.

We look forward to keep you updated on our results each year.

Commitment targets - key


Artificial Breeding 2

Artificial Breeding 3

Customer Experience Centre

GeneMark 2

GeneMark 1

Herd Testing

Johne's Disease Testing

Milk Pregnancy Testing


Sire Proving Scheme Bull Team Genetic Gain

Premier Sires Bull Team Genetic Gain

Rate Of Genetic Gain On Farm 1

Rate Of Genetic Gain On Farm 2

Rate Of Genetic Gain On Farm 3

Nitrogen Mitigation

Methane Mitigation


MINDA Availability

MINDA Performance

MINDA Roadmap

EZ Link Performance

Integrated Software Partners

Our Farmers

Our farmers - strategy cover

Deepen our understanding of the current and future needs of all our farmers.


Animal - strategy video cover

Supporting our farmers to produce the most sustainable and efficient animal. Highest value products.

Data and digital

Data and digital - strategy cover

Modernising the animal data and digital capabilities.