Our strategy

An innovation led growth strategy for LIC, with an ongoing focus on the core NZ dairy industry.

Our purpose

LIC is a dairy farmer owned co-operative which empowers livestock farmers through the delivery of superior genetics and technology.

What are the drivers of the strategy? 

  1. Puts our farmers, the NZ dairy industry and our existing core business and capabilities at its heart.
  2. Plays to LIC’s strength as an innovator to keep our customers and their farms ahead of the game.
  3. Understands the global and domestic changes, trends, opportunities and threats in front of LIC and the dairy industry and how we need to adapt to meet them.

What’s our ambition for LIC’s growth? 

Continuing to lead the global pastoral dairy system by leveraging LIC’s core business and capabilities.

What do we need to achieve that? 

Investment, innovation, and significant growth from new products and outside New Zealand.

What’s the strategy to get us there? 

An innovation led growth strategy for LIC, with an ongoing focus on the core NZ Dairy industry. 

What does this mean for our farmers?

The success of our farmers will continue to be at the heart of our business. LIC shareholders will get the value from our word-leading innovation.

What does that mean for LIC’s core business and priorities?

Strategy - our business

What are the external factors influencing our strategy?

We looked at global shifts, macro trends, changing industry dynamics and signals that might impact LIC, including industry disruption risks and opportunities.

Strategy refresh infographic

More information

Read the full strategy presentation here.