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23 June 2017
There will be a full trait AE run on Fri 23 June from 10pm to Sat 24 June 2pm. During this time you will be unable to or access MINDA LIVE or synchronise MINDApro. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Welcome to LIC

As a farmer owned co-operative, it's our vision to improve the prosperity and productivity of our farmers.

Our strategy, Toward 2025 presents our goal to deliver service and solutions to our farmers. In reaching Toward 2025, LIC will empower farmers with the genetics and information needed to produce superior livestock, information to improve livestock performance, and the hardware and systems that will improve on farm productivity and decision making.  

Internationally, LIC will focus on growth in key markets adding value to our shareholders.

While we present a proud history of world and industry leading innovations in dairy genetics, farm information systems, herd testing, DNA technology and automation, the world does not stand still.

Our challenge is to develop innovative solutions to ensure that our farmers continue to enjoy a competitive edge.

It’s a challenge on which we thrive.

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Latest News

  • LIC Director Election Results

    Dairy farmer-owned co-operative, LIC (NZX: LIC), announces the election of two Directors to its Board following the recent shareholder election in the South Island.

  • Country’s top bull breeders celebrated

    Some of the country’s top bull breeders came together in Hamilton this week (9 May) to celebrate their contribution to the next generation of elite genetics for the New Zealand dairy industry.

  • Spotlight on cow quality

    It’s estimated 1500 dairy farmers throughout New Zealand attended one of 46 events as part of LIC’s Herd Improvement Roadshow held in March.

  • Agrigate - The new word in farm performance management

    Developed by Fonterra Farm Source and LIC, Agrigate combines all the key data farmers need to make faster and smarter decisions on one, easy to use online dashboard.

  • New technology to help dairy farmers identify ‘passengers’ in the herd

    Dairy farmers with herringbone sheds can now tap in to latest smart device technology to help them determine in real time – while their animals are being milked – which cows are producing the best or the worst on any given day.

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