Our 5 favourite MINDA features for mating

Getting cows in-calf is one of the most important parts of any dairy farmer’s seasonal focus.

MINDA LIVE and the app make it easy to record what’s happening on-farm during this time and provide the data you need to make informed herd management decisions.

Check out the top 5 MINDA features that can help ensure a smooth mating period.

While out on farm, you can use the ‘Heat’ section of the app to record animals that cycle before you start your mating period. Recording pre-mating heats allows you to identify animals that may be non-cycling and need assistance or intervention during the mating period. To help you identify these animals, you can use LIC heat detection aids to easily see which of your cows are on heat.

Pre meating habits.png

Instructions on how to record a heat in the MINDA app

One of the benefits of recording pre-mating heats for your cows is that an expected mating date will then also be calculated. This can then be added to any of the existing reports in the ‘Reporting’ tab or added to a custom report.

This feature is useful leading up to the start of mating, and throughout the mating period as well. It will assist you with your heat detection throughout a busy mating period and give you an idea of which cows could are expected to cycle.

TIP: Order your list to see the earliest dates first and see what days you can expect a large number of animals to return to heat.

Expected mating date.png

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If you’re doing your own AI (DIY Mating) or recording natural matings, recording them in the app as they’re happening will save you time. The mating feature is easy to use and allows you to record all your mating details. LIC AB techs will record your mating information in the app for you.

When you are using the same bull and batch combination across multiple days, this information will automatically be stored in the app, meaning you can easily reselect this each time you record a day’s mating.

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TIP: Don’t forget to check your Holding Pen to review and approve the matings you’ve recorded and check there are no issues holding these up.

Learn more about recording a DIY mating in the Ap

Use the Reproduction section to keep an eye on how your mating period is tracking to industry targets.

The Daily Submission Rate graph presents your 21-day submission rate so you can ensure enough cows have been submitted for a first mating to achieve a condensed calving pattern next season.

You can also review your mating performance for your animals by age or current season calving pattern. This will help you see how these factors impact your submission rates for mating and overall herd reproductive performance.

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Learn more about submission rate reports

Once your mating period is in full swing, or when you have come to the end, there are a number of reports available to help you make informed decisions about your herd’s progress and reproductive performance. These reports vary - from helping you maintain accurate records by identifying animals that have not yet been recorded with a mating, through to highlighting areas of on-farm practice that could benefit from additional education such as heat detection.

Cows without Matings

Use this report during mating and once you have finished your mating period to see a list of animals that have not cycled or been mated during the mating period. This report will also be an early indicator of information that may be on error and need correcting or assist with your vet check when planning your next steps for non-cycling animals.

Summary of Matings

Check this report for animals that have had more than one mating or short returns. This may highlight opportunities for additional education to identify animals on heat.

By identifying short return intervals, or cows that have had mating dates close to natural mating, you will have an early indication of animals that may have uncertain sires recorded against them.

Mating reports.png

Learn more about the summary of matings report and cows without matings report.

If you need any help with MINDA LIVE or the App, we have a full range of simple step by step guides.