MINDA combines animal-event information, herd testing and artificial breeding data to provide you with management reporting and analytics.

MINDApro is our older desktop version of MINDA

Prefer a more flexible web-based herd management system that doesn’t tie you to your desktop?

Register for MINDA LIVE instead to record and access information about your animals from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to get MINDApro

It’s easy to download MINDApro. 

Download MINDApro 

Help using MINDApro 

MINDA prices

MINDA subscription

MINDA is charged monthly as a base herd fee plus a per-animal fee as follows:



MINDA* Herd fee

Monthly $56

MINDA* Per animal fee

Monthly $0.30

*MINDA LIVE / MINDApro / Minda app