MINDA LIVE training

Join us for online training of MINDA LIVE from the comfort of your own home.

Throughout the month ofJune we will be delivering online live training for MINDA LIVE. Each session will cover the items listed below.

  • June sessions are a 1pm start

If you are keen to attend one or more of these sessions, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

MINDA LIVE training dates


Session Type

Date Friday 19th June

Session Type Importing

Date Monday 22nd June

Session Type Calving prep

Date Wednesday 24th June

Session Type Tagging animals

Date Friday 26th June

Session Type NAIT

Date Tuesday 30th June

Session Type Intermediate Groups

Date Thursday 2nd July

Session Type Intermediate Groups

Details of what is included in each session

Intermediate Groups

  • Group Splits
  • Adding a group of animals to an existing Pick Your Own Group
  • Intermediate level Rules Based Groups

Event Recording

  • How to assign EIDs
  • How to approve incoming animals
  • NAIT movements
  • Removing animals
  • How to tag animals

Dry off

  • Wizard
  • Dry off guide


  • How to import an EID file
  • EID Assignment worksheet
  • How to import Liveweight data

Calving prep

  • Calving event
  • Calving reports
  • Expected calving by cow
  • Expected calving by date
  • Calving rate
  • Calves reared
  • Expected calving pattern

Tagging Animals

  • Tagging worksheet
  • Incoming animals


  • Processing NAIT events within MINDA

MINDA beginner

  • Event recording
  • The importance of good herd recording
  • How the Query Centre works
  • Know what the Recent Activity tab is for
  • Know how to record events and use the Holding Pen in MINDA LIVE


  • App overview
  • How to use the calving schedule
  • Temp tags
  • Customise groups
  • High SCC report, and how to record health treatments and save common treatments and recording multiple treatments on multiple animals

MINDA groups and reports

  • How to create and use custom attributes
  • How to create rules based groups
  • How to use MINDA reporting

MINDA LIVE online training sessions