At Risk Tab

View cows which are at risk of future infection or poor mating performance in the current season in MINDA LIVE.

At Risk Cows for Whole Herd

Repro - At Risk Cows for Whole HerdHow to read the table

Select one or more of the criteria to filter the animals that will show on the table.

Calving Disorder will include any animals that have had, calving paralysis, calving trouble, prolapsed uterus, retained membranes recorded.

Reproductive Disorder will include any animals that have had an Abortion, Metri-Check, Uterine Infection, Vaginal Injury, Reproductive Disorder – unspecified or Non-Cycling/Anoestrus recorded.

Metabolic Disorder includes animals that have had, Ketosis/Acidosis, Metabolic Disorder – unspecified, Milk Fever, Magnesium/Grass staggers, Pregnancy Toxaemia, Selenium deficiency recorded or they were recorded as a Down cow.

Calving was abnormal will include any cows that have Aborted, Premature or Induced recorded with their calving.

Cows with no Reproductive activity are animals that have no calving date for the latest season, no pregnancy diagnosis in the last year, no expected calving date for the last season and no heats or mating for the last season.

Animals will show on the report if they meet one or more filters that have been selected. 

To hide an animal from appearing in the printed report, select the mute button to the right of the page.  To insert the animal back into the report, select the animal shown in the Hidden filter.