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View the Fertility Focus Report, Expected Calvings by Cow Report, Cows Without Recorded Calvings Report and the Pregnancy Test Worksheet in MINDA LIVE.

Repro - Fertility Focus Report

About this report

The InCalf Fertility Focus Report is a DairyNZ report designed to assess herd reproductive performance.

This report uses existing herd data to calculate and present the most important measures of herd reproductive performance, in a standard format. It then compares your herd's performance against industry targets.

The Fertility Focus Report for your herd can be detailed, intermediate or basic depending on the quality and amount of records you have recorded on the database. You should be able to produce reports for up to three years, to monitor performance over successive seasons.

Calving systems
The DairyNZ InCalf Fertility Focus Report supports Seasonal and Split calving herds and is also available to Year-round calving herds (herds that take more than 25 weeks for 80% of the herd to calve), but has not been validated against this Calving system.

The dates set to run your Fertility Focus Report were based on the earliest mating start date for both Autumn (1st April) and Spring (21st August) throughout New Zealand dairy herds.

By defaulting to these dates we ensure that you will run a Fertility Focus Report that reflects the appropriate season of interest for your herd.

Expected Calvings by Cow

About this report

This report gives you a list of cows with their expected calving information. This can be printed for use in your yellow notebook.

Please note: If you use this report in your yellow notebook this new MINDA Live version will take up more lines/pages than the previous MINDA Pro version. If you fill your existing notebook and require an additional one please contact the Customer Experience Centre on 0800 264 632.

Repro - Cows Without Recorded Calvings

About this report

The Cows Without Recorded Calvings report displays all animals current in the herd without a calving recorded for the specified time period. Use this report to identify the animals who need to have their calving activity recorded.

This report will display cows without calvings recorded between the current date and 282 days ago. Use the date picker if you wish to extend the exclusion period for more than 282 days to suit your herd.

Repro - Pregnancy Test Worksheet

About this report

The Pregnancy Test Worksheet displays all animals in the group selected along with their most recent matings.

Use this report to identify the Pregnancy Status of your animals.

This page (based on the selected criteria) will display animals and their last 3 matings (where recorded), along with the results of their last pregnancy test (if recorded).

The number of days pregnant is calculated by subtracting the Mating Date from the Vet Visit Date.

The default sort for the table is by Animal ID.

Animals highlighted with a green box indicate they already have a confirmed pregnancy record.