Pre-Calving Tab

Gain an overview of expected calving information in MINDA LIVE.

Repro -  Expected Calvings for WeekHow to read the report

Use this report to help you make decisions around potential replacement animals, health interventions and feed management.

Select a week from the drop down menu to see which cows are expected to calve on each day of the week.

Accumulated Grazing Days is the total number of milking days expected from the planned start of calving to the last day of the week selected should each cow calve on her due date.

Expected Calves is a count of calves expected to be born in the week selected, should each cow calve on her due date.

Confirmed* means the expected calving date is confirmed through pregnancy testing based on the age of the foetus which was recorded.

Confirmed means the expected calving date is confirmed through pregnancy testing (age not recorded).

SGL indicates the expected sire is a Short Gestation Length bull.

Sexed indicates this pregnancy may be a result of using Sexed Semen.

Genomic indicates the expected calf BW/PW has been calculated by LIC using Genomic information.

Overdue indicates the expected calving is 10 days overdue.

Planned Start of Calving is calculated as 282 days from the relevant Mating Start Date. Cows are included if their due date falls within the period PSC-60 days and PSC+120 days.

Repro - Expected Calving Pattern

How to read the graph

Use this graph to analyse the spread of expected calving and get an early indication of calving pattern for the upcoming calving season. This is useful when forecasting feed requirements, deciding whether to dry cows off or sell late calving cows.

The dotted blue line represents the industry target calving rate as per the InCalf program.

The solid blue line shows your herd’s daily cumulative expected calving rate which is based on due to calve dates calculated for each cow from their recorded matings and/or pregnancy diagnoses. Note: cows with no mating or aged pregnancy test are not included because an expected calving date cannot be calculated.

Click anywhere on the solid blue line to see the number of cows expected to calve on that date, the total number of cows that should have calved and the expected accumulated cow-milking/grazing days up to that point in time.

Expected Mean Calving Date is calculated as PSC + average number of days cows due to calve from PSC

Planned Start of Calving date (PSC) is calculated as 282 days from the last actual Mating Start Date (MSD).