Recent Activity

About the Recent Activity Tab in MINDA LIVE.

The Recent Activity tab in MINDA LIVE displays a history of all events that have been approved or deleted in the MINDA LIVE Holding Pen. 

When an event is approved or deleted in the Holding Pen it will appear in the Recent Activity tabRecent Activity Screenshot

Events are shown by 

  • event type 
  • the user that approved the events. 
When the tab is first opened the default is to show all events. You can use filters to narrow down the events.  

There are 3 filters that can be used – 

  • filter by date
  • user activity 
  • activity type.

To see the full details of the events that have been recorded, click on the light blue words, e.g. 4 heats.  A pop-up box will appear on the right-hand side of the screen displaying the event details.

You can also export the information to an Excel CSV file.  When you have finished reviewing the information, select the Done button or the X in the top right-hand corner to return to the main screen.