Keep track of what your animals are up to and how they’re doing from wherever you are with the MINDA app.

Easy to use and understand, the MINDA app allows you to record and view events from anywhere, whether you're connected to the internet or not. 

You can:

  • record events at the point of source, saving time and reducing the risk of losing data
  • view animal data and record events for more than one herd on the same device
  • save events while you’re offline and send them automatically to MINDA LIVE when you connect to the internet.

The MINDA app is free for MINDA customers.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login with your MINDA LIVE details to get started. 

What you can do with the MINDA app


Get a summary of key information about your cow, such as breed, age, sire and dam, herd tests, and calving.

  • View most recent herd test results and season-to-date production stats.
  • Display your herd's calvings, matings, and pre-mating heat details.
  • Check health treatments, diagnoses, quarters affected, and withholding periods for the last two seasons.


Record a cow has calved and details of the calving – sex, fate, ID, assistance.

  • View the calf’s expected Breeding Worth (BW) to help you decide its fate.
  • Use temporary tags, then assign an official ID later.
  • Get a warning message if a cow is calving to a LIC contract.


Record matings (DIY or natural) and pre-mating heats.

  • Add multiple cows when recording a mating or heat.
  • Receive notifications of animals that have had a heat, or have had a mating recorded in the last 17 days (short returns).


Record the health treatment plans for your animals.

  • Record health diagnoses and treatments.
  • Create a health plan for multiple doses of a treatment.
  • Add multiple animals when recording a diagnosis or treatment.
  • Get reminders for when a dose is due.
  • Enter milk and meat withholding periods.


Record pasture covers into MINDA Land & Feed.

  • Get a farm walk summary including paddock area, latest cover, and available feed.
  • View historic information, including pasture covers and available feed at last farm walk.
  • Record a farm walk over two days.
  • Allow multiple people to contribute to farm walk information.
  • View and record covers for multiple farms on one device.

System requirements

The MINDA app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The minimum operating systems your device must be running to access the app is iOS 8.0 or Android 4.0.

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Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

Download from the Apple Store

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Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

Download from the Apple Store