Livestock valuation report

Discover the value of one of the largest assets on the dairy farm – your client's herd.

Available to authorised accountants, bankers, stock agents and other rural professionals, the livestock valuation report is a unique and first of its kind tool that provides a robust and timely valuation of your client's herd.

MINDA data is matched against national current stock sales obtained from stock and station agents. This is combined with independently sourced, market driven values to determine the valuation.

The valuation includes:

  •          animal numbers by stock class
  •          milk production data
  •          reproduction status.

It also provides insights into your client's herd asset, including a star rating out of five for herd testing and 6-week in-calf rate.

Take this opportunity for in-depth discussions and confirm your position as a trusted advisor within your client’s business. 

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Livestock valuation report price

Livestock valuation report

$250.00 (excl. GST)

The report will be sent by email within 3 business days of the request.

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To order a report: 

  1. Download Herd valuation terms and conditions 
  2. Complete and sign the form at the bottom Herd valuation terms and conditions
  3. Email to