Herd test shed checks

We’re aiming to visit all sheds signed up for herd testing this season to set up a milk meter and check for kick rails.

We are committed to operational excellence – getting the basics right and delivering to you, on time, every time.

To help us deliver this commitment and ensure our staff are working in a safe environment, we’re aiming to visit your shed prior to your first herd test for the season to set up a milk meter and check for kick rails.

One of our experienced Herd Test field technicians or team leaders will be carrying out these visits between now and the end of August.

At the visit, we’ll set up a herd test milk meter with coloured rubberware and take a photo of it. This photo will be added to the field tech schedules and be used as a reference for your future herd tests to ensure the milk meters are set up correctly.

We’ll also note down whether your shed has a kick rail as these must be installed in sheds where Herd Test assists are working to minimise the risk of them being kicked.

If you have any questions about these visits, please don’t hesitate to contact our herd test team on 0800 837 843.

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