Protrack® Draft Integrate

Protrack® Draft now integrates with selected software for cow wearable devices.

We can receive draft requests direct from your third party management software and schedule a draft for the next milking.

All scheduled drafts can be viewed, edited and removed in the Protrack® software.

How Protrack® Draft Integrate benefits your farm

  • Cows that are alerted in your third party management software for heat or health reasons can be requested for drafting via Protrack® in the next milking.
  • Draft requests can easily be managed in the Protrack® software.
  • A full draft history can be reported on.

How it works

  • Draft instructions are sent to Protrack® and scheduled in for the following milking.
  • These drafts can be viewed, edited or removed from the Draft tab in Protrack®, under the Scheduled drafts section.
  • The schedule drafts will include the date and session for the drafts to happen. It also includes the reason for draft, and where the draft is coming from (i.e. from which third party)

Note: If an animal has already been identified at the drafting gate before the draft request is received from the third party application, Protrack® will shift the draft to next session

Cow wearable suppliers we integrate with

We currently integrate with the following cow wearable suppliers:

  • CowManager
  • Allflex (SenseHub and Heat Time)
  • HerdInsights


Protrack® Draft Integrate

Product Price

License Fee

Product Price $2000

License Fee $1000

Protrack Draft Integrate is only available on our third generation (3G) Protrack® Software.

All product licence fees are charged on an annual basis and cover continuous software licensing, including the right for you to receive any software updates. Product licence fees are in addition to any fees payable to the supplier of your cow wearable devices.

12 or 24 months interest free or 5-year payment plan. Minimum 20% deposit (non-refundable) on interest-free purchases; credit criteria and conditions apply. Refer to the LIC Group Conditions and Services Rules.

Protrack® Draft Integrate

Schedule your drafts with Protrack® Draft Integrate

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Protrack® Draft Integrate

Schedule your drafts with Protrack® Draft Integrate

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