Pre-mating AB tech visits

An AB pre-run is where your LIC AB tech meets with you on-farm to go through the details of your mating plan.

An accurate mating plan is critical during the peak of the season when, at our busiest, our AB techs are inseminating up to 100,000 cows each day.

To help you prepare for the pre-run, here’s the checklist your AB technician will follow to make sure everything gets covered and we get it right the first time.

AB pre-run checklist

Mating plan start and end dates are correct 

The start date for Premier Sires® orders are particularly important as this date generates the number of straws we will deliver every 3 days to each farm. If you start on a different date to what we have recorded, we may not deliver the right number of straws. 

Synchrony plan dates confirmed at least 10 days before day one of the synchrony mating date. 

This will help ensure we deliver the right number of technicians to resource the size of the synchrony and more importantly, the correct semen and the right amount of semen will arrive on time.
Agri Managers and AB technicians will be having early and frequent conversations with those of you that use synchrony programmes to lock in and confirm these plans as early as possible.

Additional Alpha® frozen semen ordered early

During mating, additional Alpha® frozen semen orders require a 7 day lead time before delivery on-farm.

AB facilities are safe and secure 

Providing secure, appropriate AB facilities is not only critical to creating a safe working environment, it will also give our AB technicians the best opportunity to get your cows in-calf when first presented. 

Expectations for mating period are discussed and agreed before mating begins


  • Daily arrival times for the AB technician;
  • Expectations around cows being ready and cow numbers written up in the mating book;
  • Preferred communication between AB tech and farmer.