Monitor your cows 24/7 with AfiCollar Advanced Neck Collars

Looking for the next option to monitor your cows? AfiCollars give accurate heat detection, monitor animal health, have a durable advanced design and along with the software and mobile app - continuous communication.

AfiCollars are motion sensitive and contain a pedometer that records each step a cow takes. Any detected changes to normal movement or eating patterns are sent to the farmer as a health alert through AFiFarm software and a mobile app (Afi2Go Pro) to enable quick and easy assessment of the animal.

Using wireless detection, the collars offer 24/7 monitoring - freeing up farmer time and allowing for easy search by typing in the tag number or scanning the AfiCollar sensor through the mobile phone app.

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Example AfiCollar shown above

AfiCollar provides accurate and time-sensitive heat detection data for improving your herd’s pregnancy rate. Use AfiCollar to identify which cows to inseminate and the best time for insemination. AfiCollar heat detection is also ideal for grazing cows.

Accurate rumination and eating patterns are used as indications of each cow’s health. Receive health alerts when cows stray from their patterns. The alerts detail the changes and possible causes.

AfiCollar measures animal behavior (rumination, eating, and motion). This information is translated by AfiFarm to provide updated, round-the-clock monitoring and warnings for groups, and individual cows.

Using the data provided by AfiCollars, AfiFarm’s smart technology learns the rumination and eating patterns of the herd. Group digestion alerts are provided when changes to these patterns occur at a group level.

AfiCollar works together with Afimilk’s AfiLab to provide accurate data on the quality of each cow’s milk, and their individual health. This data is used to provide early detection and alerts of health issues, such as ketosis.

Afi2Go Pro mobile app benefits:

  • Retrieve animal status, events and more.
  • Search for an animal by typing her number or swiping your mobile phone over the AfiCollar sensor.
  • Assign tags or codes out in the fields or sheds.
  • Manage cows for inseminations and treatments.
  • Sort cows.

All from your mobile device

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Contact your LIC Rep to talk about AfiCollars for your farm

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