LIC reconfirmed with Essential Service Status

LIC has been reconfirmed by MPI as having Essential Service status, however we have made some changes to our service delivery to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to farmers and our people.

LIC Services and Changes 

Herd Testing

Our herd testing services are continuing however the herd test assist service has been removed from both herringbone and rotary cow sheds to eliminate any possible LIC staff contact with farm staff during herd tests. 

Effectively this limits the herd test service, to be fully self-sampled which limits our engagement to drop off and pick-up of equipment. The removal of any further contact is in the best interest of both your people as well as ours. 

We respect that some farmers will be looking to increase the restriction of entry to their properties at this time and cancellation of their herd test will be part of that stance. Should that be the case, no cancellation penalty will apply. 

Farmers seeking a herd test can book this service on 0800 837 843 (0800 TEST HD) or email and our staff will drop off testing equipment and collect it at an agreed time without any physical contact. Please be advised there will be a pre-call made to all pre-booked herd tests to confirm you are comfortable with all aspects of the herd test delivery. Read more on the Importance and value of herd testing and animal health testing at this time of year.

Animal Health Testing

All Animal Health Testing associated with our Herd Testing will continue with strict adherence to our hygiene and physical distancing protocols. Our turnaround times may be affected during this time. We will contact you if this is the case.

Field Techs

On farm visits by essential LIC field technicians are continuing with strict adherence to our hygiene and physical distancing protocols.

LIC Automation

LIC Automation service staff will continue to operate with strict adherence to our hygiene and physical distancing, but no new installations or upgrades will be completed.


FarmWise consultants are continuing to appraise farms but only on their own, without any engagement with the host farmer. All farmer engagement will be completed following by phone or email with no in person farmer contact. 

Customer Service

LIC’S Customer Experience Centre (CEC) remains operational with the team fully working from home with reduced hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, phone 0800 264 632 and

LIC Shop

All LIC Shop services will continue as normal. 

Sales Visits

On farm visits by LIC Agri Managers and our automation sales team are on hold however both teams are available to field farmer calls and assist on their normal phone and email contacts.

We are here to help

The majority of LIC’s 800 plus staff are now working successfully from home ensuring business continuity for farmers however it’s a challenging time for many at the moment and we appreciate your support.

Be assured our team is here to help you navigate through this period of certainty as we work collectively to reduce the risks of COVID-19 on our country and please reach out at any time.