Herd testing has been at the core of dairying in New Zealand for over 100 years, but the days of herd testing being a chore are long past.

With the release of MINDA Milk, the data gained from herd testing comes to life in this world leading application.

MINDA Milk is ready to take its place at the centre of your farm management system.

Accessed via MINDA Home, MINDA Milk is better than anything that has gone before, and truly sets a new standard for farm information products.

MINDA Milk is a web based tool that uses your herd test data to give you easier, better and more timely information to help you make better, more informed decisions.

And that ultimately means more money in your bank. With pre-built graphs and trend information MINDA Milk will save you doing the number crunching and data analysis, it’s all done for you.

Not only can you see it all at a glance or easily drill down for detailed analysis of any aspect of your herd’s performance – it also allows you to view animal by animal detail or a summary of multiple herds on one page.

MINDA Milk puts you in total control of your herd’s productivity. Try it for yourself at MINDA Home.

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