LIC | What you need for Calf Club

What you need for Calf Club

A simple guide to what you will need to take a calf to Calf Club

A calf will be the No1 item on your list, but there are a few other things to consider before you talk to a farmer (who may be your parent, friend or neighbour).

Type of Calf

Calves are born around July and August, and most Calf Club events are held in October or November so you need an idea of how big your calf will be when you lead it out at your local event. You need a calf you can manage and the farmer who bred it is the best person to talk to. 


Your calf will need a well-fenced paddock with shelter to protect it from cold wind and rain, especially when it is very young.


Your calf will need good quality, fresh, long grass and clean water in a low trough they can easily reach.

Milk & Food

Calves need lots of milk. This can be fresh or powdered. If you are using powdered milk there are two types - one for newborn animals and standard rearing milk for when it's more than a week old. You will need to know where you will get your milk from. You will need a special feeder bottle to feed your calf. Stallion Plastics make a great one which will be easy for you to hold, and makes it easy for the calf to drink. Feeding your calf is the important first step to getting it to trust you – and that’s the beginning of your friendship. 

Cover, Brush, Halters & Leads

A cover will help your calf stay warm, dry and clean. You can make one from old sacks or you could do some jobs and save your pocket money to buy one. Brushing your calf regularly will keep it clean and looking beautiful, it will also help develop its trust in you. You will need a halter and lead to train your calf to walk with you.


Your calf is your responsibility so you will need to make sure you have time to look after your calf before and after school each day for about 6-12 weeks. This means about 30 minutes each morning and afternoon, so you may need to get up earlier in the morning, and then spend some
more time with you calf in the afternoon before you do your homework after school.

If you’ve said YES to all these things, you’re ready to move on to the best bit – choosing your calf.



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