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Using the culling guide

The culling guide is found in End of Season section in the Reports tab in MINDA LIVE.   It can be viewed by all those who have opted into Labs.


You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details


Step Action

Go to 

Click on the Culling Guide found in End of Season section in the Reports tab.
Culling Guide

Result: A blank report will appear which can be customised.

2 Select the date range you wish to view. You can change to the previous season's information or select a custom date range.
Date Range
3 Choose target number of animals to cull. 
Target Number
4 Click Add criteria.
Note: Not all attributes are currently available as Criteria. There are 14 Criteria.

Choose criteria from the list and click Next.
Result: An option to add a filter will appear. You can choose to skip this or add a filter to display animals that meet a specific range within the criteria.
Add criteria

You can either click on the graph and drag between two points, or type in the values in the Min & Max boxes.

6 Click either Skip or Next.
Result: Priority screen will appear

Select priority and Click Done

Result: The criteria and attribute will be added to the report


If you used a filter within the criteria, e.g. PW less than 0, the animals that match the filter will appear in bold.
Animals to cull

The tick boxes indicate the target number of animals. If you enter another criteria, any animals that meet both criteria will go to the top of the list.


Edit the criteria by clicking on the pencil at the bottom of the criteria box. You can also change the priority by clicking on the High/Med/Low buttoms.

Edit Criteria


You can also add attributes from the list on the left hand side to see more information on these animals without adding them as criteria.
Add criteria

Note: If you choose to change the sort order of the report from the criteria option, you will receive a warning which will enable you to change back to sorting by the criteria.

11 To remove an animal from the list, untick the box next to it. You will see a message advising animals are no longer selected based on culling criteria.
12 To save the report, click the Save as button. It can be viewed in My Reports.
12 To print, click the Print/Export button.


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