LIC | Using Animal Picker

Using Animal Picker

Use to select animals to record the event against.

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details
  • List of animals to record events against


Step Action
1 Login to MINDA LIVE at
2 Enter the Events tab.
3 Select the type of event you wish to record.
4 Select the group of animals you wish to select from at the top. 
Note: This defaults to whole herd.

Click on the animal you wish to select and it will appear in the right side under selected animals. Alternatively you can type the animals tag number into the search bar and hit enter. To select all animals in the group, use the select the all animals button at the bottom.

Selected Animals

6 To remove animals from the list click on the X next to that animal, or select remove all animals.


Where to Next

Continue through the wizard to complete the event.

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