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Individual Animal

Individual Animal testing is an accurate method available to identify the true parentage of an animal. 

It uses DNA testing to identify and accurately record an animal to the correct sire.

In most cases customers will use Individual Animal to confirm or verify the parentage of an animal with incomplete or inaccurate herd records prior to their first mating to be certain they are making the right decisions based on accurate results.

Inaccuracies in herd records can stem from errors in recording, identification and mis-mothering. Accurate recording at calving time can be a nightmare, so issues with recording are very common. Work in Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) herds saw an average calf recording error of 15% (with some herds in the 40% and above range). Further work in commercial herds estimates average calving errors (especially in larger herds) at 25% and above.

One of the issues resulting from inaccurate or incomplete herd records is for AB bred animals whose birth date does not match its mating dates. Inbreeding may occur with these animals as there is a high potential that the wrong sire has been recorded.

Accurately recording an animal to sire using Individual Animal means:

  • You get more accurate records and a true Breeding Worrth (BW) rating for AB bred animals to increase your herd’s capital value
  • You are able to make breeding, selling and culling decisions supported by accurate herd records
  • Parentage can be confirmed if a calf is born in between two close matings or born outside the normal gestation period
  • You can ensure non-AB animals are not kept
  • You can ensure your herds future inbreeding is reduced 
  • You have the potential to realise a better sale price for your animals 

Prerequisite to increase chances of successful matching for Individual Animal Parentage verification:

  • Animals must be recorded on MINDA
  • Recorded matings for MINDA Herd Search
  • Knowledge of any Natural Mating Sires, whether profiled and the profile platform (G2, G3).
  • List of potential Sires & Dams for Selected Parent Search
  • If an animal has been purchased that was previously unrecorded, it must be recorded on MINDA and list of potential Sires must be provided.
  • All Embryo Transfer animals must be recorded on MINDA and included on paper work sent in to GeneMark. If not recorded on MINDA please supply Embryo Transfer certificates or provide all relevant information.

All dams & sires required to match to the calf must have a GeneMark G3 DNA profile. If not a sample for the animals will be required.

Download the Parentage Verification Individual Animal submission form here.

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