LIC | Troubleshoot Synchronisation Problems

Troubleshoot Synchronisation Problems

Use when your MINDA software is unable to synchronise.


Step Action
1 Restart your computer - this will often help to restart the synchronise.

Check that MINDA home is loaded onto your computer

  • Search for "MINDA HOME" in your Start menu or look under the MINDA folder in your start menu
  • If MINDA home is not loaded on your computer, call 0800 2 MINDA and one of one of our Customer Experience Representatives will assist you to download it.
3 Check for error messages
If any error messages appear, call 0800 2 MINDA for assistance
4 Check for any unsent events on your software with red crosses beside them
  • The unsent events are located at the bottom of your modern screen. 
  • The red crosses will appear on the left hand side. A red cross indicates there is something wrong with the event and it won’t synchronise
  • Click on the event and the error will appear at the top of the unsent events box explaining what is wrong 
  • If you want to check this events information later and synchronise now, right click on the event and select ‘Hold Unsent Event’

Check to see if the MINDA software Manager is onlineWhite Arrow

  • If the MINDA software manager is online you will see a blue circle with a white arrow inside it in the bottom right hand corner of your screen by the date and time
  • To start the software manager, exit the software and re-enter through MINDA home followed by “Launch Animal” or
  • Select the MINDA software manager under the MINDA software folder of the Start menu

Check for queries on the herd as these can sometimes stop the software from synchronising.

Phone 0800 2 MINDA for assistance resolving these

7 Try to reset the synchronise status


Where to Next

The procedure is complete. If you are still unable to synchronise call 0800 2 MINDA for assistance.

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