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The Spring bulls are here

113014 Boss
113014 Boss - 2 years old
113120 Maxima - 2 years old
113120 Maxima - 2 years old

New Zealand’s national breeding objective is showcased in the Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list. The RAS list is updated every six weeks or so, listing bulls that have produced daughters that are the most profitable and efficient convertors of feed into milksolids.

Through October and November, New Zealand Animal Evaluation run several updates to capture herd test information and traits other than production (TOP) data from two-yearold heifers among sire proving herds. These heifers are the progeny of the next year group of bulls getting a daughter proof.

It is a very exciting time for LIC’s biological systems division, as we eagerly wait to see these young bulls hit 75% reliability (proofs) and appear on The RAS List based on their Breeding Worth (BW).

LIC also eagerly awaits the bulls’ TOP data to validate conformation information – and to see who the next bulls are that are most likely to graduate to Premier Sires teams.

From a commercial farmers’ perspective, the objective of genetic gain is to produce a cohort of heifers that are superior to the group of heifers from the previous year. Similarly, the objective of LIC‘s sire analysts is to produce a cohort of sires that is superior to the previous cohort – to enable our farmer shareholders to achieve their objective.

It is for this reason so many farmers wait with high interest to use the latest graduating sires (i.e. to further enhance their genetic gain on farm). While it is still very early days, this season we have already identified a few sires that will further contribute to the BW that LIC is currently delivering on farm.

These few bulls are highlighted as ‘spring bulls’ within the Premier Sires Forward Pack teams: We anticipate additional bulls will be added over the coming weeks, as we continue to get more information flowing into the animal database.

With LIC holding so many of the top positions on the current RAS List it’s a hard ask for the new graduates to debut at the top of the list.

But with such a strong start we await the next run with interest as we watch as these young sires continue to climb as the season progresses. Currently, LIC has not selected any graduating Jersey sires for the 2016 Forward Pack team as Spring bulls. However, with six of the top-10 ranked (13-code) Jersey bulls being LIC bred, we may see some of these come in to contention after the next few Animal Evaluation runs.

In the meantime, make sure you tunein to the two Friesian Forward Pack additions: Rapstar and Rocketman enter the team. These bulls both have great type and contribute to the team’s strong 0.46 udder overall BV.

If you like the sound of them, you’ll love the Friesian inclusions in the Alpha Spring Pak:

113014 Boss has an incredible udder overall BV of 1.01. It doesn’t stop there though – 113120 Maxima goes a little better with his udder overall BV of 1.08.

Both these sires will be familiar to the many farmers lucky enough to use them through their inclusion as genomic sires (within previous Forward Pack teams).

Differentiation is something LIC has always prided itself on, and that’s why we have products in the market today like KiwiCross and Short Gestation Length (SGL) semen.

We have always been aware that some farmers are looking for polled bulls and we were lucky enough to have Costers Poll Axe in the Premier Sires team a few years back. The Spring Bulls Are Here

This year we have another Coster’s polled bull graduating; 113058 Politician has nice sound udders and also carriers through his grandsire’s (i.e. Mint Edition’s) strong production traits.

This latest AE run has certainly favoured the KiwiCross sires, with five bulls entering Forward Pack as spring bulls: with 513054 Burgess Trickshot debuting this early in the season at $218 BW, it’s a distinct possibility that within another couple of AE runs he could threaten the number 1 KiwiCross position. With Mint Edition in his pedigree, it really is no surprise he has sound udders, which we expect to be strengthened as more daughters get entered into his TOP information.

The other spring bulls entering Forward Pack include 513066 Luigi; 513067 Crikey; 513007 Best Bet, and; 513098 Bounty (who had already been included in the Forward Pack team as a genomically selected bull).

Crikey, a Warlord son who himself was a genomic bull, is also available as an Alpha Spring Pak bull, along with Trickshot. 

If you haven’t already got an order or a plan contact your local LIC Farm Solutions Manager or Farm Solutions Representative – because sires of this quality will go out the door quickly.

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